Vitapur Water Dispenser Review 2021

If you are not drinking clean water, you can fall sick very easily. This is why it is important to have a clean supply of water at home. Buying plastic bottles is not very environment-friendly as it would increase your plastic waste drastically. Keep reading to get a Vitapur Water Dispenser Review 2021, which is a top-loading model. 

Instead of that, you can opt for a water dispenser on which re-filled water bottles can be mounted. There are different styles of water dispensers but the most common is the top-loading water dispenser , lets get started.








Top loading design means that you have to put the water bottle on the top of the dispenser. This is the most common design and it is very easy to work with. 

Large Capacity

Like most average water dispensers, the Vitapur Water Dispenser also has a capacity of 3 to 5 gallons. This is quite sufficient for any normal home. 

Reduce Plastic Waste

If you buy plastic bottles for your home on every grocery trip, this would increase your plastic bottle waste. With the Vitapur Water Dispenser, you can use a reusable water bottle and refill it with filtered water to ensure that your family is drinking clean water without harming the environment. 

Refreshing Cold Water

If you want cold water to cool down, simply press the button on this Vitapur Water Dispenser and it will cool the water for you. 

Kettle Feature

This water dispenser also has a Kettle feature that heats the water on the press of a button. In just three minutes, you will have hot water to prepare your favorite beverage or to get your metabolism going. 

Whether you want to make your morning coffee or add warm water to your tea, you can use this patented Kettle feature. 

Child Safety Lock

There is a Child Safety Lock for the hot water feature which ensures that your kid does not accidentally use this feature to burn himself or herself. 

Auto Shut Off

The Auto shut off feature shuts off the machine to prevent any leaks or overflowing of water. This keeps your home clean and prevents any accidents. 

Ergonomic Design

The water dispenser has buttons on the top which is quite convenient. Also, the buttons are easy to press and you would not have to use much force. 

Support Collar

In case your bottle is fractured or damaged, your dispenser would be safe thanks to the Support collar. The collar has been designed to prevent any spills in case the water bottle is not mounted properly or has a leak in it. 

Large Fill Area

Another impressive feature of this water dispenser is that it has a large fill area. One of the issues with some water dispensers is that they do not have a large enough fill area to fill jugs and pitchers. With the Vitapur Water Dispenser, you can fill a pitcher for cooking or a tall water bottle for your morning jog. 

Easy Controls

Since the water dispenser has been made for the user’s ultimate convenience, the controls are also very easy to use. You can easily switch the water settings from hot to cold or vice versa. 

Compatibility with Filters

How could you possibly know if the water bottles that you get refilled have filtered water or not? The best thing to do is to have a water filtration system in your own home. 

This Vitapur Water Dispenser is compatible with all filtration systems. All you have to do is take off the collar by turning it and lifting it off. Then, you can install your filter using the instructions that come with it. That’s it! You would have cold, filtered water in your own home. 


Overall, the water dispenser has great functionality and it works well to meet the needs of any household. You might find that the dispenser makes a noise when the water is cooling. However, once a certain temperature has been reached, the noise stops. 

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Highlighting Features

  • Child Safety Lock
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Hot water in 3 minutes
  • Coldwater 
  • Easy to use controls
  • Large fill area
  • Support collar
  • Filter systems compatibility
  • Easy to press push buttons


  • Heats up water quickly for beverages
  • Has LED lights on the dispensing area
  • Has a large fill area for bigger bottles and pitchers
  • Can be used with almost any filtration system
  • Has a good processor for cooling water quickly


  • Gets noisy while the water is cooling 
  • Is not very durable 
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