Uses of Vegetable Chopper

Let us guess, you have recently bought yourself a vegetable chopper or are thinking of buying one at the very least. So keep reading to find out the uses of vegetable chopper for, and how to make the most of your new purchase!

Well for starters, congratulations on the purchase, these new tools will really amp your entire cooking experience along with inadvertently making your diet healthier. 

Now, if you are anything like us, you might find yourself struggling with figuring out exactly how to use it. Don’t worry; everybody goes through the same ordeal initially. However, it is pretty easy to get the hang of; all you need is a bit of guidance. 

Uses of a Vegetable Chopper

Making Dressings/Garnishes 

Let’s start with the very basics. Let’s say you are very particular about the way you plate your dishes. Well, if you are familiar with modern plating techniques and cooking shows, you have probably seen the beautiful ribbons that make out of vegetable peels to garnish their dishes. 

If you thought that was impossible to achieve, then rest assured because most vegetable choppers come with components known as spiralizers that serve this very purpose. So you don’t have to settle for anything less than a professional-grade garnish for your dish. 

In addition, it can be used if you want to grate chocolate shavings or nuts for your desserts, giving your place a very rustic and authentic presentation.  


Chopping onions – the bane of every chef’s existence. Where do we start? The mess, the effort, the cramped-up hands, the time, and most importantly, the tears, it is a lot for anyone to handle. However, what if you didn’t have to do it anymore? 

Yes, you heard right, this is your saving grace in the form of a vegetable chopper. You can chop up any amount of onions using the mesh atop your chopper. In addition, you can also dice your vegetables whether you are working with onions, carrots, celery, or peppers etc.  

Prepping Meals 

Prepping meals can be quite a tiresome chore, even if you are a seasoned cook. But what if you could get all that work done in just a fraction of the time? Whether you are thinking of preparing sauces, dips, or prepping vegetables for an upcoming meal, you can count on your chopper. 

Moreover, it can also be used to grind up and mix a wide variety of herbs and spices so you can use homemade seasonings for your recipes, which will give them that extra bite and edge. 

How to Use a Vegetable Chopper

Unpacking and Assembly

Depending on the kind of vegetable chopper you got, you will receive it in a few different parts and will most likely have to put it together yourself. For starters, if you have received a manual vegetable chopper, then make sure that you have all the different blades, and meshes, etc.

For an electric chopper too, you will have to assemble it much like you would assemble a blender or grinder, etc. Since every model is slightly different, you can consult the instruction manual for a complete step by step guide on how to assemble your chopper.   


In order to use a vegetable chopper, you have to first pick the kind of mesh or blades that you want to use. For instance, you will have to pick the relevant mesh if you wish to mince garlic or ginger and change it for slicing, etc. 

These meshes are easily interchangeable. For mincing or chopping, you will place the food on top of the mesh with the container beneath. Push down on the lid on top of the mesh and press down firmly. The food will be minced and will move down into the container through the mesh. 

For slicing, you will place the vegetable flat side down on the sliding blade and push it down firmly. Then move it back and forth to slice it until you are left with a reasonably sized stub in your hand. Wear gloves for safety reasons if you are working with manual choppers. 


Once you are done using the chopper, take the meshes and blades out and rinse them in your kitchen or put them in the dishwasher in order to clean them. Make sure that they are dishwasher safe before you do so. 

Otherwise, you can simply wash them out with some dish soap and a sponge, be careful if you are washing these by hand. It is recommended that you have gloves on for safely handling these components. 

For more information, you can visit our page on cleaning vegetable choppers here (insert hyperlink). 

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