4 Types of French Fry Cuts

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French fries, or as we like to call them, heaven on a plate. Need we say more? If you are as excited as us about getting to know about all the Types of French Fry Cuts out there, then keep reading! If there’s one thing humanity can unanimously agree on is our shared love for this fast food classic. So, why don’t we pay some homage to this favorite?

You’re probably wondering what the occasion is. Well, it isn’t an international French fry day, but let’s face it, every day is a global French fry day. As a side note, though, it officially falls on July 13th, so if you are reading this on July 13th, then consider it a sign and have some French fries!

If you want to buy a French fry cutter, then feel free to visit our buyer’s guide.

Classic Straight Cut

We’re calling these the Classic because these are the ones that come to mind every time somebody mentions French fries. The straight or the McDonalds cut if you will, that you find at most fast-food chains. 

As you know, you cannot really go wrong with a classic whether you want a quick meal from your favorite drive-through or to satisfy the middle of the night cravings. This warrants them the top spot at our list here.


Curly fries, that crispy exterior and buttery soft in the middle. It doesn’t get any better than that. These fast-food chains are really cashing in on this. We mean the shape alone is mind-blowing. How they get a hard potato to look like that is honestly beyond us.

However, it is not that impossible if you think about that. After all, there has to be some way, right? And there is! There are certain French fry cutters out there that allow you to get that perfect curly cut French fry. To get to know more about the uses of French fry cutters, you can visit the link.


If you are someone who enjoys a fuller bite when it comes to French fries, then you are probably aware of these already. These are probably the easiest to cut out of any other French fry shape. You slice a potato in half and then slice those halves until you have wedges.

These go great if paired with fried chicken or steak. The potatoes are typically fried to get that beautiful golden color and crunch on the exterior and serve as a favorite diner food or pub food.

Waffle Fries

These are probably the most unique out of all the French fry cuts out there. If you are into potatoes and waffles, then this might be the perfect fusion for you. Yes, you guessed it, they are shaped like tiny waffles.

Impossible as it may seem, you can get that excellent waffle shape quickly if you have the right French fry cutter on hand.

If all of this is making you hungry, why not get a French fry cutter for yourself and get cooking! Here are some of the best french fry cutters on the market.

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