Presto Salad Shooter with Electric Shredder Review

From salads to pizzas, supper to snacks, from people to foodies, vegetables are always part of our meals. It can a pizza topping, or mixing a salad; cutting and slicing vegetables can be a hassle and also messy. Worry not, as Presto Salad Shooter is available to save you from having to deal with the not so fun side of prepping for a meal.

As the name suggests, yes it will shoot out vegetables into the bowl already cut and ready for you to consume.  

A salad shooter, also known as a salad maker is basically designed to cut and slice up fruits and vegetables for you without you having to go through the entire messy prep phase of making a salad.

What makes Presto Salad Shooter the right choice?

Presto is a brand that is widely known when it comes to kitchen appliances and many people trust the brand completely. The salad shooter is not far behind in this perception and is one of the best slicers you can find.


You can use the salad shooter for more than one fruit or vegetable without having to clean in between each time. So when you are making a salad, the onions, cucumbers, carrots and all other vegetables can be cut in one go.

Direct Usage

The best part is that you can shoot the vegetables directly into the cooking pot, or salad bowl or soup or on top of a pizza.  

Slicing Cones

The cones for shredding and slicing can easily be attached and detached, without any hassle, so even if you are making a salad or a dish that requires vegetables cut in two different shapes, all you need to do is switch the cones without any complicated assembling of different parts.


The Presto Salad Shooter is a safe product to use as it ensures safety by not turning the motor on unless the cutter/shredder is firmly attached to the assembly chamber and the chamber is properly locked with the motorized base.


It is an extremely useful and convenient utensil to help shred or slice vegetables, fruits, and even cheese quickly and efficiently. While the name says Presto Salad shooter, it can be used for so much more than just salads such as pizza, soup, desserts etc.

It can grate cheese and chocolate, make bread crumbs and cracker crumbs, and chop up nuts for toppings. The best part is that you can use the shooter to shoot the ingredients right where they are required, without having to use up extra bowls of pre-cut ingredients. 

Easy to Clean

While the shooter helps you skip all the messy parts of prepping for a meal, it also helps you to skip the messy part of cleaning it up. The base of the shooter can be cleaned by wiping it off, while all other parts can easily be put in a dishwasher without any hassle.

Easy to Store

Once you are done with using it, you can place it inside a cabinet or even a drawer. The shooter is so compact that it doesn’t require any extra space for you to store it.







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Useful Hints

  • Vegetables and fruits slice and shred better if they are fresh
  • Putting less pressure on the shooter will get thinner slices and shreds and putting more pressure will get thicker.
  • Some of the food items can be processed twice to get grated results such as cheese and carrots
  • In case of using cheese, please ensure that it must be hard and in the case of semi-soft cheese, it is always better to place it in the freezer for a few minutes.

How to use the salad shooter?

While we have highlighted some features and benefits in this Presto Salad Shooter review, let’s also talk about how to use it properly.

Slicing or Shredding Cone

Select between the slicer and the shredder to use and insert the cone into the chute. The narrow side should be inserted first and then lock the twist-lock ring into place to secure the cone inside.

Assembling the parts

Now attach the food chamber to the motorized base, keeping the narrow end first. You can check if the two things are locked together properly by rotating the chamber clockwise till it adjusts. It is important for your safety as well for the shooter to be locked in properly before it is used and even the motor will not turn on unless the chamber is properly locked.

Prepping food for the shooter

In order to get the best results, the food needs to be properly prepped and added into the food chamber.

  • Cut the food into pieces to that it can easily fit into the chamber. If the food does not have enough space to fit inside the chamber, it may get stuck and not shred or get sliced at all
  • In case of short pieces, stack the food upright and in case of longer slices like carrots, place them horizontally
  • Always push the food guide evenly into the food chamber

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions – 11 x 8.9 x 4.2 inches

Item Weight – 2.7 pounds

Power consumption – 120 volts

Material – Plastic for body and stainless steel for shredder and cutter

Cones – Two types of cones one for shredding and one for slicing

Color – White

Warranty – 1 Year

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What to like

  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Can be used for more than salad
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t need cleaning after every round
  • Avoid the extra hassle by using the Presto Salad Shooter directly over the bowl or pizza
  • It comes with two cones, for slicing and shredding

What can be better

  • The motor could be a little more powerful
  • The opening for feeding the vegetables and fruits is small
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