Nostalgia Microwave Retro Countertop Oven

With a wide variety of kitchen and household appliances and some really cool outdoor ones as well, Nostalgia has made a special place in the hearts of some of us. If I want a good microwave, I will definitely consider Nostalgia Microwave, because it not only offers a good product, but great customer care, good pricing, and an overall happy feel.

The Nostalgia Microwave Retro is an amazing microwave and as the name suggests it takes you back to simpler times. This model comes in four different colors and finishes, and each one has a different price range.

While the look may be retro, it has more than just some basic features and is a very convenient microwave to use.

Why Choose Nostalgia Microwave Oven

  • Numerous Color options
  • Large capacity and the size is 0.9 cubic feet
  • Glass carousel heats evenly
  • 800 Watts power consumption
  • 12 cooking levels to choose from
  • LED display and digital clock
  • No complicated buttons, easy to use dial
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Easy to use and clean

Ease of Use






Aqua, Ivory, Jet Black and Metallic Retro Red are the four colors this model is available in, with slight variation in pricing. This model is a large countertop microwave with the size being 0.9 cubic feet and is ideal for families and households. 

The Nostalgia Microwave has 12 heating settings pre-programmed which allow a variety of cooking options such as defrost, popcorn, pizza, vegetables, rice and so much more. In addition to the 12 cooking settings, it also ensures that the food is evenly heated or cooked with the glass carousel, as it keeps rotating while the food is being heated.

You can control and navigate these cooking settings with the dial, without going into any complicated buttons and touch panels. Simply turn the dial to set the cooking option of your choice and set the timer, and push the dial to start.

This Nostalgia Microwave oven model has a power consumption of 800 watts, which does the job quick and easy.  It also has an LED display, which lets you view and monitor the cooking settings and timer.

The RMO4AQ has a sleek chrome handle and has a few accents that bring out the retro in the design making this model perfect for break rooms and home kitchens as well as dorm rooms. It has a child safety lockout feature, that can help from children getting into any accidents and the cord can be wrapped around after use, making it safe and convenient.

Program Settings

There are 12 various program settings the RMO4AQ has to offer.

  • Beverage Mode: You can choose between 1-3 cups and select timings accordingly and beverages need to be placed un-covered
  • Popcorn Mode: For 1.2 oz., 3.0oz. and 3.5 oz. respectively turn the timer on for 2 min., 2 min. 50 sec. and 3 min. 10 sec. and put one bag at a time
  • Frozen Entrée: Remove from packaging and puncture or tear off some of the plastic bags for venting, and cook from 4.5 min. to 6 minutes for 10 oz. or 20 oz. respectively.
  • Rice: Depending upon 1-4 cups of rice, the cooking varies from 19-24 minutes. The rice should be put inside a microwave-safe dish with half covered lid for venting, with 2 cups of water for each cup of rice.

There are numerous other instructions for program settings that can be checked out at the user manual along with instructions on safety and other features and benefits.

Technical Information

19 x 17.9 x 11 inches

0.9 cubic feet

800 Watts

1 year from the date of purchase


  • The retro design brings out the Nostalgia
  • Large capacity, ideal for families and break rooms
  • 12 various power settings to choose from
  • LED display for settings and timer
  • Simple to use with rotate and push dial
  • Safe to use with child safety lockout option as well stow away cord


  • The Aqua color may not suit your kitchen, and other colors will cost a little extra

There are thousands of different microwave ovens available in the market, and which one should you opt for is a question you need answered before making a purchase. For me, this makes the final list of options to consider, because of its price, look, features, capacity and more.

But what will make me buy this for sure is that this microwave oven is pre-programmed to heat and cook popcorn, rice, vegetables, last night’s dinner, bread, chicken, beef, fish and yes, pizza. Check out how to cook Pizza in the Nostalgia Microwave here, recipe and all. Happy Cooking.

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