How To Use Small Microwave?

For people in today’s day and age, household appliances have become not only a luxury but at the same time a necessity. They are effective, quick and mostly easy to use which is why people prefer buying them.

How to use small microwave is very simple and easy, and if the instructions are followed precisely, they can be very safe as well.

Amongst the most popular household appliances is the Microwave. The best of the microwaves can be found in almost every house now and is a great help for people who are in a hurry.

Many companies are coming up with newer and the latest models of microwaves. At first, the sole purpose of the microwave was to heat up food but now, it can be used for so much more because they come with so many functions.

Everyone can work one with ease! For children though, it is strongly recommended that there always be a parent or adult with them when operating a microwave. Better safe than sorry!


This cannot be emphasized enough! We can say it is human nature to have that ‘forget the manual, I will figure things out on my own’ attitude, but very few realize how dangerous this can be.

Each appliance comes with its own set of instructions and precautions which is imperative to study at least once before operating the machine. Each model of a microwave is different from the other and comes with its own settings which is why be sure to have a look at the manual book before you begin using it. Do not take your own and your family’s safety for granted.

Find a safe spot to put the microwave

Microwaves can become flammable or risky to use if you do not fix it in a safe spot. Look for a flat surface, away from any direct exposure to gas or water. These can become very hazardous for you if the microwave comes in contact with them.

Pick the right outlet

One thing you will need to make sure of is whether you are using the correct power outlet for your microwave. Many times what can happen is that the microwave is plugged in the wrong power outlet which in result, burns the whole system and damages the machine causing it to break down. The machine might even spark and catch fire.

To avoid such situations, try using a power cord you have already used before with another appliance. This can give you an idea of whether or not the plug will support the appliance or not.

Make sure everything is assembled

Before using your best microwave, make sure that everything is placed correctly and securely, where they should be. This includes the turntable in the microwave on which we place the item we want to heat up.

If the parts are not secure, that can cause damage to the machine, and in the end, it has the possibility of breaking down and losing functionality. Be cautious; do not take these small details for granted!

Explore the machine!

Depending on the model of the microwave, it comes with many different functions. These functions include defrosting, heating, and even cooking meals. These are just the basic features microwaves in 2021 have to offer.

Many now offer the option to grill meat and even bake! The need for the best microwaves in today’s day and age has become much more than just a machine to heat food.

Remember to go through the manual and look up different features the microwave’s model you have, has to offer!

Heating food

Now that your microwave is fully set up and you have educated yourself regarding how to safely use it, it is now time for it to start working! Take the food you would like to reheat in the microwave and put it in a dish.

Set the amount of time you want the dish to heat according to the amount and nature of the food. Some foods might take longer to heat up as compared to others. Before starting to microwave, be sure to first cover the dish with a cover or plate to avoid the food splattering on to the walls of the microwave machine. Once the timer is set, press start and the microwave will start heating your food.

Caution: it is very important to make sure that the dish is microwave friendly. Never use steel or metal dishes to microwave your food in and be careful not to leave any spoons or forks in the dish before heating the food. The machine might catch fire if not careful.

Defrosting food

Another very helpful function of the microwave is defrosting. This is done to quickly heat up frozen foods or meat. To defrost, put the frozen food or meat on to a plate. This is because when the microwave defrosts it, the ice melts off, and if a plate is not underneath, the water can get everywhere and ruin the inner machinery.

Then according to your preference, set the timer on the defrost option and press start. The microwave will begin to defrost the food or meat.

Caution: most of the time, frozen foods come in tin foil packaging to preserve it. Never put the tin foil packaging into the microwave. This is very hazardous. To avoid any unfortunate and dangerous situations, empty the food contents into a microwave-friendly dish and then defrost it. Throw the tin foil packaging away.

As seen, using a microwave is very easy and quick. The only things you need to keep in mind are that it is very important to educate oneself regarding how to safely use the machine, so read and study the manual.

And also, to be wary of the small things that can become dangerous and hazardous if not taken seriously or for granted for instance making sure to use microwave-friendly kitchenware to heat food.

Lastly, always assist children while working with your best microwaves because even the best need some help.

Now that you know how to use a microwave, why not buy one for yourself. Check out our reviews of the 10 best microwave ovens.

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