How to Install Under Sink Water Filter

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Although some people might find this a bit daunting, maintaining your under-sink water filter isn’t that complicated of an ordeal. In this article we will get to know how to install under sink water filter easily.

Besides, staying on top of some general upkeep every now and then ensures that your filter stays in pristine condition for months on end.

Not to mention the amount of time and money that you save by doing all this yourself. Think about it, why should you pay hundreds of dollars to hire somebody for a job that you are fully capable of doing yourself.

So, follow along as we learn how to install under sink water filters if the need arises because let’s face it, even the best water filters need a bit of TLC sometimes!

Installing a Water Filter

Typically, water filters are pretty easy to install, and as most buyer’s guides suggest, it is best to look for one that checks this particular box because it will make the job easier for you.

Read the instruction manual and take in the height or space available underneath your sink. Then, proceed to hang the filter assembly over to the side or the back of the base of the sink.

You will need to turn off both the cold and hot water shutoffs, and then continue to install the saddle valve that comes with the filter unit.

Next, cut the cold-water supply line such that it stays above the cabinet base and does not get kinked in the process. Then, connect the plastic tubing to the supply valve.

To get rid of any extra tubing, you can shorten the supply line along with the waste line. Connect these lines to the base of the faucet and attach the valve back to the sink.

Finally, you can set the storage tank in place and install the last water line. Sterilize the system and proceed to fill it according to the instruction manual.

Replacing Water Filter

Replacing the water filter or the filter element to be specific is an even more straightforward process than installing the whole thing.

To start off, you will need to shut off the water supply line going into the filter. You will likely find the related valve near the source.

Drain all the water from the valve by leaving open the faucet of the filter system for a while. To access the filter, all the water pressure needs to be released. Consequently, it will allow you to reach the canister containing the filter.

You can use a tool to take the filter out. Then, screw the new filter right into the canister or the cartridge in a clockwise direction. Then sanitize the filter and fill it back up, and that’s it, you’re all done!


As you might have already gathered, there isn’t much that goes into maintaining your under-sink water filter. All you need to do is set aside sometime over the weekend and follow along with these instructions or pull up a tutorial or two, and your filter will be looking good as new in no time!

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