How to fix Portable Electric Stove

Fixing daily life problems is so tiring but when its cooking time a broken portable electric stove may add stress but we know how to fix portable electric stove .Whether you want to call it an electric stove, an induction cooktop, or a hot plate, it cannot be denied that this new appliance has won the hearts of buyers all over the world, and for a good reason!

For starters, there is the convenience of having a portable countertop stove ready to go if you are on the move. For instance, if you frequently find yourself on road trips or camping trips, you can count on this little guy to prepare fresh meals no matter your location.

For college students struggling to make ramen in their dorms, this is a great alternative to the microwaves and kettles of yore in order to make a hassle-free meal. No matter how cramped your room is, you can find a snug spot for your portable stove making your life much easier!

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Now, as great as they are, induction cooktops are also prone to faults like any other electrical appliance. Now, this does not mean that they aren’t durable but sometimes certain damage just cannot be avoided.

The important thing is that you should know how to deal with these faults and fix them on your own; there really isn’t much to it so let’s go ahead and discuss a few situations that you may face and how to deal with them!

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What Can Go Wrong With Your Stove?

The most common problem faced by electric stove users is the performance of the burner itself, which is also referred to as a hot plate. The hot plate is the component of the stove that contains the heating elements, meaning it is pretty much the central part of the stove.

In addition to the heating element, a hot plate may also contain a couple of additional components that regulate the temperature of the heat supplied to the hot plate. This can either be an on/off switch or a calibrated thermostat, depending on the type of stove you are working with.

Now typically, the hot plate can be burned out for one reason or the other. For instance, there may be some kind of fault with the internal wiring, the thermostat, or the electric power cord itself. As a preventive measure, it is best to detach the electrical cord (if possible) when the stove is not in use.

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How to Find Out If the Hot Plate Isn’t Working

In order to identify if your burner is faulty, you can check how long it takes for your hot plate to heat up if it does so at all. Check to ensure that the power outlet is working properly and that the electrical cord is plugged in appropriately.

For exterior wiring, you can take a look to see if it is frayed at any point, which might be causing the fault in the first place. For internal wiring and fuses, you may find burnt wires on the inside or an unresponsive thermostat.

You may consult the user manual in order to determine how to take the stove apart to take a look at the internal structure.

What Tools Do You Need For Fixing Your Electric Stove?

To fix your hot plate, you will need a few standard tools that will probably already be in your tool kit. These include screwdrivers, wrenches, and a multimeter. You need these to take the stove apart and move wires around or tighten connections.

For other parts such as replacement wires or components, you can visit your local auto store or a supply store for appliances and consult the manufacturer in order to buy the related products.

How to Repair a Faulty Hot Plate

The first step to repairing a faulty hot plate is to disassemble the electric stove. Before you do this, make sure that the stove is unplugged from the power outlet. For good measure, remove the electrical cord as well.

Locate the screws that are holding the stove together and carefully undo them one by one. Place the screws on a towel in order to avoid losing them. Be careful to remember where they’re supposed to go when you have to reassemble the stove. Use markings if necessary.

Next up, remove the housing in order to reveal the burner and the internal wiring along with the other components of the stove. Use your multimeter to test each component individually. The reading on the multimeter will tell you about voltage ratings and power ratings, indicating which components are functioning properly and which ones aren’t.

Once you have identified these, simply replace the ones that aren’t working with brand new versions and reassemble the stove the same as before, and your stove will be good as new again!

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