Commercial Chef Microwave Counter Top Rotary Oven

“Happiness is homemade”, is how Commercial Chef Microwave puts it and believes in this moto when providing various household appliances. The Commercial Chef Microwave countertop is one of the more convenient microwaves to use. It is an extremely durable microwave and is ideal for heating up snacks and leftovers.

Now I am used to all the hi-tech equipment and advanced appliances, however, when I had to buy a microwave for my mom, I had to think twice about what I was looking for.

I wanted something that could get the job done, in as simple steps as possible. I did some research and visited two shops, to help me decide which would be the best microwave to go for.

It is a basic and simple device without too much of hi-tech complications, and it has mechanical dial controls which make it easy to use. It has two separate options: speed and defrost to allow for different usages.

The Commercial Chef Microwave at a Glance

  • High-quality product and reasonably priced
  • Compact design and the size is 0.6 cubic feet
  • Simple to use, without any complicated settings and features
  • 600 Watts power consumption
  • 6 power levels to choose from
  • Timer and indication for finished cooking.
  • Doesn’t use electricity when not being used
  • Low maintenance

Ease of Use






If what you are looking for is a low priced high efficient microwave, then this Commercial Chef model is something you would enjoy and appreciate. In addition to offering a good cooking experience, it is also compact and perfect for small apartments and small families. It is made up of solid material and offers good quality and durability.

One of the best features is the simple dials and without any buttons or complicated features, making it perfect for senior citizens or people who want to keep things simple.

You do not have to worry about LED lights and different buttons for different features. Simply set the dial to the function you want to use it for, and then the timer dial to set for the duration and viola. Easy and simple.

You can choose the power level based on your heating requirement from defrosting to reheating last night’s dinner to simply melting butter or chocolate. Low, Defrost, M. Low, Medium, M. High and High are the power levels available to select from that serve your purpose best.

The Commercial Chef Microwave does not consume electricity when it is not being used since there are no electrical features such as LED timers and display.

This unit is easy to clean, and the glass turntable is removable and can easily be cleaned and washed in a dishwasher. Since it has no electric controls and settings, there is no chance of glitches or electrical failures.

Technical Information

17.8 x 12.5 x 10.2 inches

0.6 cubic feet

600 Watts

1 year to be directed to W Appliance Co.

Instructions and Installation

The Commercial Chef Microwave comes with a detailed user manual that explains the dos and don’ts of using this product. The user manual also guides on how to plug in the microwave for the first time, the materials that can be used inside the microwave or not, parts and features, various cooking techniques and cleaning care.

The manual also covers basic troubleshooting procedures, and it is, therefore, essential to go through the manual to get a better understanding of the microwave and how to use it to its maximum capacity.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Compact and small, ideal for small families, studio apartments or dorm rooms
  • Varying power ranges from re-heating to defrosting to cooking
  • Doesn’t consume power unless working
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Easy on the pocket and great value for money


  • Doesn’t have too many fancy options and features

If you want something that gets the job done, doesn’t complicate your life too much and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, the Commercial Chef Microwave is the ideal microwave for you to for.

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