COMFEE Microwave Oven Review EM720CPL-PMB

Comfee being a name of quality and trust in kitchen appliances pushing excellence is a name that speaks for itself. They have been in the market for a while now to give you small appliances of the best value that add convenience to your busy lifestyle. This COMFEE Microwave Oven EM720CPL-PMB is no different.

When you are looking for a small microwave which masters swift heating of your food, frozen or otherwise, this microwave is the answer……all hands down!

What’s more, it also acts as an important agent in those quick-cook food recipes to fill your plate with steaming hot food you so long in those tiresome evenings after a busy day at work.

This Comfee small microwave is available in the market in two colors, black and pearl white. Having the simplest functions imaginable, it has On/Off with sound option, ECO Mode and Easy One-Touch cooking function, which can be set either by weight or by time, as per your convenience.

The COMFEE Microwave Oven at a Glance

  • High-quality product and best value for money
  • Compact design
  • One-touch On/Off for turning off all beeps
  • Cooking with 1-6 minutes and two defrost settings
  • Easy auto-cook functions, mute function, child safety lock, timer and indication for finished cooking
  • Easy-to-read control panel
  • Reducing 50% standby power by turning on ECO mode
  • Sturdy and neat stainless steel build
  • Can be placed on the counter or fitted in a cabinet
  • Easy to clean and maintain

It has all the features for being your favorite Countertop Microwave oven.

Owing to its size and volume, this Microwave can easily be placed on the counter and will start contributing to your fast-paced life before you know it. 

Other than reheating and thawing frozen foods this microwave oven’s one-touch system lets you cook six of the most common foods such as potato, pizza, frozen vegetables, soups, noodles and popcorn etc. You just have to select the suitable pre-programmed button and hit start!

When the microwave is done with its job, it will beep five times, so there is no chance that you are going to forget your food in the microwave. In case you want it noiseless, muting all annoying beeps is just a touch away, and the beeps won’t trouble you till the time you reset it to sound mode.

Ease of Use






The interior lights of the microwave turn on when in use with the rotation of the glass turntable, and turns off when the usage stops.

The turntable can be removed, washed and fitted back again after those unexpected coffee spills when you are in a hurry. As for the rest of the microwave, a quick swipe of a damp cloth would do the trick!

The microwave’s Eco mode is an excellent feature to save on energy when not in use, even the LED display goes off. Activating the Lock option saves the microwave from the hands of small children who won’t be able to open it unless you de-activate the lock.

The microwave has an elegant shape and stainless steel finish with a secure door opening from right to left. This appliance will add to the style and outlook of your counter while providing you those hot meals whenever you want them.

Technical Information

Outer Dimensions: 17.3” x 13” x 10.2” (W*D*H) inches

Internal dimensions: 12.05” x 11.97” x 8.11” (W*D*H) inches

Oven Capacity: 0.7 cubic feet

Removable glass turntable: 10 inches

Item Weight: 20.3 pounds

Power: Input wattage is 1050W, output wattage is 700 Watts operating on 11 power levels

Operating Voltage: 120V/60Hz

Manufacturer Warranty: One year Limited

Instructions and Installation

It is always a good idea to go through the user manual before installing and using a new electrical appliance. It gives a detailed account on how to set up, use and maintain the COMFEE Microwave Countertop Oven.

The manual also provides details of troubleshooting scenarios and how to handle a situation when it arises. It does not require assembly as it comes in the ready-use form. Once in place, the COMFEE Microwave EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Oven needs a hit at the start button and you are good to go!


  • Simple usage with one-touch buttons
  • Express cooking
  • Ideal for small families, apartment kitchens, offices or dorms
  • Bright LED display with clock function
  • Several power ranges from re-heating to defrosting to cooking
  • Energy Saving Eco Mode
  • Child safety lock function
  • Mute option


  • Not suitable for larger setups
  • Not suitable for use other than countertops
  • This microwave is not waterproof

You just have to bring it home and plug it in and start…your counter-top microwave is ready to use!

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