Black and Decker Food Processor Reviews 2021

When it comes to cooking, most of us will agree that prepping tasks are the least enjoyable part of the whole culinary experience. The struggles of preparing your vegetables for cooking are solved by food processors. And one of the old and respectable brands, Black decker has provided us with its top 5 food processors in 2021 with the variety for all the requirements in the kitchen.

From cheap and affordable choppers and mincers that could fit in the small corners of your kitchen to heavy-duty processors with huge capacities and powerful motors for quick and efficient slicing and shredding, it’s all here in our list.


The BLACK+DECKER One-Touch Chopper is the go-to if you want an efficient chopper for your kitchen.



Enjoy fast and easy chopping or mincing with low price and of course the usual fast speed.


Driven by 450-watt, the 8-Cup Food Processor is one of the best for chopping with great capacity.

Image Name Specialty Price Price
Black+decker black HC150B Best overall Cheap Check Price
Black+DECKER HC306 White Budget choice Cheap Check Price
Editor choice Moderate Check Price
BLACK+DECKER 8-CupFP1700B Most safe Moderate Check Price
Black+DeckerFP250 10 Cup Best capacity Moderate Check Price

Black and Decker Food Processor 2021 Reviews

1. BLACK DECKER HC150B – Best overall


Black+decker HC150B is the food processor to top our list of Top 5 Food Processors.

This machine even with its small weight and size is capable of chopping all your vegetables, spices and whatnot in no time and save a lot of energy. And after all the slicing and dicing, you don’t have to worry about damaging it by washing as it’s dishwasher-safe too!

It also enables the user to add water as well as oil or any other liquid through the holes in the lids to keep your kitchen counter without any mess.  So be it small household parties or a gathering of friends at your house, processing food becomes a piece of cake.


  • Improved chopping assembly and lid for safety
  •  Dual stay-sharp blades for long life
  •  Dishwasher-safe parts
  •  User-friendly Pulse control chopper
  •  Easy to carry around.


  • Low capacity

2. BLACK DECKER HC306 – Budget choice


Black+decker HC306 was manufactured for quick and precise chopping and mincing. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the top going off as it comes with a safety lock lid which has holes on it making it easier to pour in oil/water when required without switching off the processor. So be it any vegetables, pulses or even ice, it can chop or mince it all at a low price.

And you can wash it without worry because all the removable parts are dishwasher-safe which adds further value to it. You can even carry this little piece of machinery around in your bag or any container because of it’s small size and weight.


  • Easy-to-use one-touch chopper
  • Portable
  • Safety locking lid for additional security
  • One of the lowest prices in the market
  • Double sharp blades for easier chopping


  •  Small cup size

3. BLACK DECKER FP1600B – Editor’s choice


With a powerful 450-watt motor, Black+decker FP1600B comes with push-button controls giving the choice between a continuous or pulse operation to the user. It also has a great capacity of up to 8 cups for chopping, slicing and more! It can accommodate a large amount of any delicacy you want to make with a great feature of dishwasher-safe removable parts which makes washing and cleaning a lot fast and easy, taking convenience to another level.

Furthermore, it has a safety system that prevents the machine from starting until the lid is closed. You can also add in food even when the processor is on without stopping it or any similar inconvenience easily with the help of the chute and keep the food being shredded or sliced in a consistent shape with the pusher.


  • 450-watt motor lessens the time needed
  • The 8-cup capacity allows you to process more food each time
  • Proper and even chopping and slicing with a pusher’s assistant
  • Two-in-one stainless steel allows you to slice and shred when turned upside down


  • Noisy

4. BLACK DECKER FP1700B – Safe to use


Black+decker FP1600B comes with smart touch controls giving the choice of the continuous or pulse operation to the user and sports a sleek design which gives your kitchen a better look. Most importantly it comes with a smart safety interlocking system that helps the user to safely lock the lid properly reducing the risk of any kind of accidents occurring and preventing any mishaps from happening.

Moreover, it has a 450-watt motor to quickly process to the spices, vegetables or anything that’ll be filled in its 8 cup size bowl. Also, you can add even add food while operating the machine simultaneously without stopping with ease all the while maintaining proper shape and sizes of the materials chopped or sliced with the pusher’s assistance. And lastly, when all is said and done you can just dismantle it and wash it without any worries because it’s dishwasher safe too.


  • New safety lid feature only allows the blades to operate if it’s properly attached to the bowl
  • Allows consistent chopping and slicing with pusher
  • Helps you save time by process food quickly a powerful 450-watt motor
  • Big capacity of 8 cups lets you manage a lot of food at once


  • Leakage problem

5. BLACK DECKER FP2500B – Best capacity


There you have it, folks. The beast is capable of storing your cooking ingredients worth 10 standard cups and it comes with a wide shute for inserting food without shutting the power off and lets you have equal and uniform slices with the pusher’s guide. And contrary to its size it gives you the versatility to chop, grind, mince, pulse and so on like a hair through butter and in no time at all.

All this is made possible by the strong motor of 500 watts. Also, it exhibits a smooth and sturdy exterior adding class to your kitchen and appliances. Its other accessories like chopping blades and slicing/shredding disk all are stainless steel which means smooth processing for a long time.


  • Sturdiness and style
  • Massive capacity
  • Moderate price
  • Powerful motor for quick processing


  • Difficult to clean

There isn’t much you need to know actually as it comes with the manual. And besides its really easy to assemble because there aren’t many parts to begin with. But if there are still any problems you are facing regarding the assembly you can always watch videos on youtube for reference or ask help on Black+Decker page on the internet.

Black+Decker always puts quality above all, so it naturally is BPA free. BPA stands for bisphenol A which is usually found in plastic but you don’t need to worry because even if there was any, it wouldn’t affect any type of food you put in the processor seeing that BPA is mostly released in high temperatures.

But better safe than sorry, avoid placing it near your oven, stove or windows (if any) where the processor might come into direct contact with heat.


And with that, we will end it here and sincerely hope that you have a phenomenal experience using the food processor you choose.

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