Best Water Coolers of 2021 for Home and Office Use

Having constant access to cold or hot water has become quite the necessity as of late. Apart from the obvious, you also need water to make different snacks such as instant noodles, soup, tea, coffee, etc. This is precisely why water dispensers are a common feature of offices, and increasingly, houses too.

The stakes are slightly higher here because, for starters, the temperature needs to be ideally suited for various purposes, and then there is the hygiene factor. However, don’t be overwhelmed. To make it easier for you, we have narrowed down your options to some of the best water coolers of 2021 the market has to offer. So, let’s get started!


HomeLabs bottom loading water cooler that can be loaded with three and five-gallon water bottles. It has ample capacity to supply water to a house full of people or a small office


Avalon bottom loading water cooler, coupled with a noiseless working mechanism and sturdy stainless-steel manufacturing, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

Image Name Bottle
Weight Material Price
HomeLabs Bottom Loading Water Cooler 3-5 gallons N/A Stainless Steel  Check Price
Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler 3-5 gallons 42.5 pounds Stainless Steel  Check Price
HomeLabs Self-Cleaning Water Cooler 5 gallons 33.1 pounds Stainless Steel Check Price
Brio Self-Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler N/A 44.5 pounds Stainless Steel Check Price
Avalon Premium Countertop Water Cooler 3-5 gallons N/A Stainless Steel Check Price
Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Water Cooler 3/5 gallons 15 pounds N/A Check Price
Brio Limited Edition Countertop Water Cooler N/A 29.1 pounds Stainless Steel Check Price
Avalon Countertop Self-Cleaning Bottle Less Water Cooler N/A 30 pounds Plastic Check Price
KUPPET Countertop Water Cooler 3-5 gallons 5 pounds N/A Check Price
NutriChef PKTWC10SL Water Cooler 3-5 gallons 9.93 pounds N/A Check Price

Best Water Coolers 2021

1. HomeLabs

HomeLabs Bottom Loading Water Cooler

Starting off with our first pick and a best-seller, if we might add, we present to you the HomeLabs Bottom Loading Water Cooler. Gone are those water coolers of the old-age where you had to lift a three to five-gallon water dispenser stand over your head and invert it over the cooler.

For starters, you’d make a huge mess, a bunch of water would go to waste, and you could actually pull something, so that is definitely not a viable option. Now, we have modern bottom loading water coolers such as this HomeLabs masterpiece.

Just tuck the bottle in the compartment, and it should be good to go for three to five-gallon water bottles regardless of the available space. With a stainless steel sleek and stylish finish, it gives your kitchen that extra ‘oomph’ as well.


  • Intuitive control panel and compact/sleek finish
  • LED night light included
  • Indicates when the bottle needs to be replaced/refilled
  • Has a child-lock in place
  • Three different temperature settings; hot, cold, and room temperature


  • Does not have a self-cleaning feature
  • Gets a little louder if the water level is low

2. Avalon

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler

Following up with a close second, we give you the Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler. With an equally sleek and compact design, it has three temperature settings to cater to your every need, i.e., cold, hot, and room temperature water. The cold and crisp water makes for a refreshing pick-me-up while the hot water is ideal for tea, coffee, soups, etc.

The design is such that the whole unit takes up very little space and will easily fit in your kitchen or office space and blend in really well at that too. There is, of course, an indicator in place to let you know when the bottle needs to be refilled along with a night light to keep the spouts clearly visible in the dark as well.

It is also child safe as there is a child lock on the hot water spout so you can rest assured that nobody will get hurt. Since the water cooler is bottom loading, it reduces the strain that you would otherwise have to put on yourself to load it and prevents spillage or wastage of any kind.


  • Lights in place to keep the spouts visible at night
  • Bottom loading – easy to load and avoids messes
  • Child lock protects children (adults) from spilling piping hot water
  • Compact design – takes up very little space
  • Multiple temperature settings


  • Buttons on the control panel may be slightly hard to push
  • The water pump may be subject to shipping damage

3. HomeLabs Self-Cleaning

HomeLabs Self-Cleaning

Onto to yet another HomeLabs Water Cooler, this time with a self-cleaning feature in addition to being bottom-loading, so things are definitely looking up! What’s great about this particular water cooler is that you don’t have to strain yourself one bit to replace the water bottle, and you can avoid making a massive mess in the process.

As for the self-cleaning process, a green light will indicate when this particular process is underway. Imagine, if you will, a self-sanitizer that gets rid of waterborne germs and bacteria by the method of UV sterilization. So, if you were wondering as to how to clean a water cooler, you should rest easy now. It, too, has three different temperature settings for fulfilling your various needs for drinking water and hot water for coffee, etc.

If you have kids at home (or clumsy adults), there’s no need to be on edge because there is a safety lock in place to keep people from accidentally pressing the hot water button. With a stainless-steel body and matte black finish, it serves as eye-candy for your kitchen as well.


  • LED night light makes usage easier in the dark
  • Self-cleaning and bottom loading mechanism reduces the hassle
  • The drip tray can be removed
  • Safety lock on hot water spout to avoid accidents
  • Multiple temperature settings


  • The drip tray is not dishwasher safe
  • Few complaints of the water not being super cold

4. Brio

Brio Self-Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler

Another customer favorite is the Brio Self-Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler here. Although it gets straight to the point and you can pretty much get everything it has to offer from the title, we’ll still get into the details because why not!

Simplify your life by introducing the ease of a bottom loading water cooler. You will never have to strain yourself trying to replace the water bottle, not to mention, you can also avoid making a mess. Besides, it keeps your bottle safely hidden away to not be an eyesore.

It is armed with an Ozone self-cleaning mechanism that keeps your water cooler clean and fresh at all times, along with getting rid of any harmful bacteria that may be lurking in there. For all those out there wondering how to clean water dispenser, here’s your answer!

There are multiple temperature settings available to fulfill all your needs. Also, it has the standard night light and child safety lock in place to make usage even more convenient!


  • Ozone self-cleaning feature to keep your water cooler fresh
  • Bottom-loading – reduces strain on your back
  • The bottle is hidden from sight – more aesthetic
  • Child safety lock on the hot water spout
  • Multiple temperature settings for water
  • LED night light for ease of usage in the dark


  • Slightly noisier when in use
  • Not ideal for 3-gallon water bottles

5. Avalon Premium

Avalon Premium Countertop

Just to shake things up a bit, we give you the Avalon Premium Countertop Water Cooler, because we know that there are some of you out there that swear by the classics, so here you are!

This top-loading water cooler is great for office spaces in particular because it clearly indicates when the water bottle needs to be refilled/replaced. It comes with two temperature settings, namely cold and hot water.

The cold and crisp water is very refreshing for drinking while the hot spout gives you piping hot water for making soups, coffee, and tea, etc. This way, you don’t even have to wait on a kettle or a microwave.

It has a new and creative design that allows it to fit in even the most compact of spaces and maintain a particular aesthetic, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.


  • Two temperature settings for hot and cold water
  • Compact design – can fit anywhere
  • Stylish and creative finish
  • Clearly indicates when a bottle replacement is due


  • Harder to load than a bottom loading water cooler
  • Does not have a safety lock
  • Does not have a night light

6. Farberware

Farberware FW29919 Freestanding

Here’s another one for the classic enthusiasts out there. What can we say, we have something for everyone, and this is where the Farberware FW29919 Freestanding water cooler comes in.

It features two different spouts for cold and hot water, respectively. The Farberware cooler is ideal for three to five-gallon water bottles. These are not included with the cooler as per the norm. 

Something very encouraging about Farberware is that it barely makes any noise while in use. It has thermoelectric cooling technology in place that keeps the cooler from overheating and helps to maintain an overall efficiency in terms of operation. Besides, there is also a compartment at the bottom to store other things.


  • Two different temperature settings – hot and cold
  • A separate compartment at the bottom for extra storage
  • The thermo-cooling mechanism allows enhanced energy saving
  • Quiet and efficient operation


  • The bottom storage unit is not a fridge
  • Takes some time to cool or heat up the water

7. Brio

Brio Limited Edition Countertop

We’ll just start by saying that this limited-edition Brio Countertop Water Cooler is simply delightful to have around the house or the office. Given its compact size, it can fit almost anywhere, and since it is a countertop model, it is all the more convenient to set up and use.

It has a Tri-Temperature mode meaning it can supply cold, hot, and room temperature water at the push of a button. The stainless-steel manufacturing, in turn, ensures that the water stays purified in both the cold and hot reservoirs. It also keeps the water cooler for a longer period of time.  

There is a child safety lock on the hot water spout that prevents people from accidentally dispensing hot water and getting hurt. Also, the drip tray is removable, so it is a breeze to take it out and clean the whole thing.


  • Modern, stylish and compact design
  • It can fit anywhere in your home, office, etc.
  • Tri-temp mode for supplying hot, cold, and room temp water
  • Water is purified owing to stainless steel insides


  • It has a slight aftertaste but only for the first half bottle 
  • Slightly noisy while running

8. Avalon

Avalon Countertop Self-Cleaning Bottle Less

Speaking of smart water dispensers, the Avalon countertop model is not far behind and is becoming quite the sensation is the arena of water coolers, and here’s why!

It is armed with a whole installation kit and a detailed instruction manual, so the installation process is quite breezy. As an added bonus, it has a dual-filter system inside, one that serves as a sediment filter and the other as a carbon filter. This filter element lasts up to six months.

You also get a dual temperature mode where you can get cold or hot water on demand throughout the day. What’s particularly interesting about this water cooler is that it is bottle-less so you can connect it directly to your waterline.

Besides, there is the standard child safety lock, night light, as well as a self-cleaning feature, which makes it, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of cleaning the cooler.


  • Nightlight makes spouts visible in the dark
  • Child lock protects people from accidentally dispensing hot water
  • Bottle-less design and self-cleaning mechanism
  • Easy to install
  • Has dual-filter elements that last for up to 1500 gallons of water


  • Takes some time to cool the water
  • Makes a little noise while in use


KUPPET Countertop Water Cooler

The KUPPET Countertop water cooler is the answer to your quest for the perfect dispenser that will save some much-needed space in your home or office. It is compact enough that it can fit on almost any tabletop or countertop. The best part is that it does not have much of a footprint, so it won’t damage any surfaces.

There are dual temperature settings, namely cold and hot. There are switches at the back as well for easier access. It is a top-loading water cooler and can hold three to five-gallon water bottles with ease, so it has ample capacity for supplying water to a larger family as well. 

The water barrel seat of the KUPPET water cooler is detachable, which makes it really easy to clean. Besides that, the anti-dust mite design ensures the purity of water in the long run.


  • Maintains the hygiene of water
  • Ample capacity of water for more individuals
  • Removable water barrel seat – easy to clean
  • Compact design and minimal footprint


  • Has a slightly noisy fan
  • Construction may be slightly flimsy

10. NutriChef

NutriChef PKTWC10SL

Last but not least, we have the NutriChef water cooler and believe us, this one definitely packs a punch. Equipped with a hot and cold-water nozzle, it can supply purified cold/hot water with ease throughout the day.

It goes well with three and five-gallon water bottles. The best part about this water cooler is that it operates quite smoothly, you will barely notice any noise. With an innovative and compact design, it can be set up anywhere at home or at your workplace.

NutriChef is super quick when it comes to cooling or warming up your water for preparing various refreshments, and you will appreciate the hassle-free operation for a long time to come!


  • Child safety lock on the hot water spout
  • Modern and compact design – takes up little space
  • Ample capacity
  • Makes very little noise while in use


  • Few complaints of some odor and aftertaste
  • Top loading the water bottle may be difficult

5 Things to Consider before buying a Water Cooler

Since you are here, chances are you have decided to buy a water cooler, or have decided to rid yourself of your old one and replace it with a newer model. Or perhaps, you like reading about water coolers. Either way, we’re not complaining, the more, the merrier!

So, we are all pretty familiar with the ease that water coolers can introduce into our home or work lives. This is a big reason why they are becoming more and more popular nowadays. However, with the sheer volume of water coolers out there, finding the right one for your specific preferences can be tricky.

That is precisely why we have put together this buyer’s guide, so you know what to look for even in some of the best water coolers the market has to offer!

Top vs. Bottom Loading Dispenser

Ah, the age-old question of top-loading vs. bottom loading water dispensers. We like the classic as much as the next person, and we do see the appeal. However, bottom-loading dispensers are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as well.

When it comes to cleaning a dispenser, both of these options have pretty much the same process. However, the real difference boils down to the ease of loading the bottle on the dispenser as well as the aesthetic of the whole unit.

At the end of the day, the choice is totally yours and how you see the water dispenser fitting in with your overall setting.

Is It Self-Cleaning?

Self-clean is always a fun feature to have in any appliance, and the same is true of water coolers. If you are likely to slack on cleaning the cooler every now and then, you will find this particular feature handy.


Typically, water coolers stand as much as twenty-seven inches over the ground, excluding the height of the water bottle. However, there are other countertop versions of water dispensers as well that can fit right by your kitchen sink or any tabletop.

These are great for any environment, mainly if you have limited space. So, keep that in mind before you decide on a particular unit.

Suitable Type and Design

As you know, there are two main types of water coolers, bottled coolers, and bottle-less ones. The bottle-less ones are ideal if you’d instead use your existing water source so you can directly connect these to your water line, and it’ll be like you have water coming straight from the tap.

On the other hand, there are the classic bottled water coolers, which are also quite environmentally friendly, so its really all about what you have in mind for your water dispensing needs.

Additional Features

In additional features, you can look for any extra add-ons that the filter of your choice offers. These can include a night light, a child safety lock, and similar features that make the dispenser much more convenient and user-friendly.

With all these pointers in your back pocket, we’re sure you will be able to pick the best product for yourself, and you will be in a much better position to gauge what you are looking for and whether you are actually getting a good deal!   

Frequently Asked Questions

Since water coolers and dispensers mostly use bottled water as a source, you don’t have to worry about filtering the water as it is already pre-filtered. Once the bottle runs out of the water, there will be no water left in the dispenser, either.

However, there are a few water dispensers that can be directly connected to your water line. These coolers do have filter elements on the inside to filter the tap water before it gets to you.

Bottled water does not necessarily go stale if it has been left sitting for a long time, but it may develop an odd taste. This is precisely why most water bottles come with an expiration date.

Bad tasting bottled water can also be credited to poor storage. It is best to use it within the prescribed time period to avoid that bad taste and make the most of your water supply.

Once it has been completely set up, a water dispenser should not take longer than a few minutes to cool down or warm up the water to your desired temperature. The process is pretty quick as you pretty much get your water as soon as you push the spout, it is just like using a tap.

Water coolers usually have removable drip trays. So, you can move these out of the way and clean the cooler thoroughly. For this, you can use a home-made sanitizing solution made up of water and vinegar.

Some water coolers are self-cleaning as well, so you can make good on that feature to make this ordeal a lot easier for yourself. Some of the best water coolers are equipped with this feature, so look out for this if you are in the market for a new water cooler.

The hot water from a water dispenser is just under boiling hot, which is quite ideal for making tea and coffee. It is actually better for your hot beverages rather than using boiling hot water, which can leave a bitter aftertaste.

Unless there is a flaw in production or the water dispenser has been designed a certain way, a regular water cooler should not make too much noise. There will likely only be a slight purring sound while the dispenser is being used.

Yes, if you compare water coolers to bottled water, coolers are more environmentally friendly in the long run. You need to reach a slightly lower threshold in terms of consumption, but after that, it is a far better alternative than regular bottle water.

If you’re wondering how a water cooler works, you will be better reading up on a more detailed version of this answer. However, for the most part, it works on a principle known as the latent heat of evaporation. In this manner, it cools and warms the water that you get from the spout later on.

There are two different types of water coolers that you can choose from—namely, the bottled water cooler and bottle-less water filter cooler. As evident by their names, the first one is the classic top-loading or bottom loading water cooler.

While, for the bottle-less water cooler, you do not have to depend on water bottles because they can be directly connected to your plumbing. They are integrated with filter elements, which allows them to purify the water from your tap before supplying it to you.

Yes, in fact, there are a lot of modern and innovative water coolers out there that are equipped with this feature. The self-cleaning mechanism typically involves UV-sanitization throughout the cooler, so you don’t have to get in there to clean the whole thing yourself.

Nobody can deny the convenience of having a water cooler around the house or an office. Apart from the readily available supply of drinking water, you also get hot water for preparing other meals and beverages such as tea, coffee, ramen noodles, soups, etc.

The average cooler can reach up to twenty-seven inches off the ground at most, excluding the height of the bottle for a top-loading water cooler. So, it really doesn’t take much space and does not stand out in any setting but rather blends in to maintain the aesthetic of the place.

Most water dispensers today of the bottled water type can be fitted with either three-gallon water bottles or the bigger five-gallon ones. Other than that, the bottle-less water coolers will be good to go for about 800 gallons or six months before needing a filter replacement.

Yes, that is a genuine possibility, and mold not only causes an extremely unpleasant odor but also gives rise to bacteria and germs to rot in the dispenser. If it gets worse, it can even spread to other areas of the dispenser that may be harder to reach.

Therefore, you should take the necessary precautions and clean it frequently and thoroughly to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

How to Clean a Water Cooler

Cleaning a water cooler – a bane of existence for some. Let’s face it, nobody looks forward to actually getting down to clean their water dispenser. We get it, we really do, it’s unpleasant, and you can never seem to do it right.

However, we’re going to change all of that today. By the end of it, you’ll marvel at how easy the job the whole job can be. You might even find yourself cleaning it twice or thrice a week just for the heck of it.

Although some of the best water coolers out there do have self-cleaning features, not all of them do. Even with the self-cleaning features, it is a good practice to clean it yourself every couple of weeks as well to be safe. So, let’s get right into it! 

Cleaning Your Water Dispenser – Everything You Need to Know

Making the Solution

Out of the two types of water coolers, we’re going to be referencing the bottled water cooler here.

It would be best to have a gallon of water to start with. Now, you have two options. You can either go with bleach or vinegar for your cleaning solution. For the former, all you need is a tablespoon of bleach for every gallon of water.

It is recommended that you use unscented bleach so you can easily wash away the solution without it leaving any odor. You can wear gloves if you are extra cautious, although there is really no danger if you don’t.

Mix the solution gently, and if you are using a smaller container, be careful not to spill it over the edges. If you do run that risk, then do it in a larger or open space where you can afford to make a bit of a mess.

For vinegar, you can add one-part vinegar to every three parts water. If you are worried about the smell, you can add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice to alleviate it. In general, using chlorine bleach works far better as compared to vinegar, but vinegar is still a good option if you are in a fix.

How to Use It

For starters, you need to unplug the dispenser and back it away from the wall. Next, you will have to remove the bottle. As a safety precaution, ensure that there are no electric appliances plugged into the same socket or standing around in the area where you plan to clean the cooler.

Use a sponge and dip it into your cleaning solution to clean the inner parts of your water cooler. You can let the solution sit for up to five minutes. Then you will need to rinse it out from the water cooler.

As for the drip tray, it is typically removable, so be sure to wash that separately along with the screen, if there is one. Leave them to dry completely before popping them back in the dispenser, so you don’t end up with any moisture in the unit.

As the final step, replace the bottle and plug the dispenser back in. Get some water using both the faucets to see if it has been set up correctly, and that’s it, you’re done!  


To conclude, we’d like to say that keeping your water dispenser in pristine condition should be a top priority because it directly relates to the quality of the water that you are consuming daily. Hopefully, these little tips and tricks will encourage you to stay on top of this chore more often!  

2 Types Of Water Dispensers

If you are in the market for a new water dispenser, we get why you would want to know about the options that are out there for you. Perhaps, some of you are just here for the kicks, but hey, we’re not complaining!

For a more comprehensive guide on more of the same, you can check out our buyer’s guide, but if you are only here for the types, then you’re at the right place. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

There are two main classifications of water dispensers, we’ll get to some of the sub-classes in a while too, but this is an excellent place to start.

Bottled Water Dispensers

We might sound a bit biased, but some of the best water coolers in the market right now are bottled water dispensers. Top companies such as Brio, Avalon, and HomeLabs are launching these amazing bottom-loading water coolers that are causing quite a ruckus among the consumer market.

In general, bottled water dispensers consist of both top and bottom loading dispensers that you might have seen in homes and offices. They are pretty standard and have been around for a long time, so it makes sense that people gravitate towards them.

The main difference between these two is the loading mechanism, as evident by the name. Bottom loading dispensers by more natural to load by far as you don’t have to lift them all the way up and invert them over the dispenser as you would do with a top-loading dispenser. 

These bottom loading dispensers are more popular owing to the ease of replacing the bottles, the fact that you don’t make a mess, and the overall aesthetic that comes with having your water bottle safely tucked away and out of sight.

Bottle Less Water Dispensers

Now, bottle-less water dispensers, on the other hand, seem like a totally different species, but we mean that in the right way. For starters, they are environmentally friendly as you don’t have to get that water bottle refills every now and again.

This makes them convenient to use as well. You can connect them directly to your water line along with your existing plumbing. These are integrated with filter elements that purify the water being fed to your tap from the source.

So, it is quite like having water straight from the tap, only that it is much cleaner and can be obtained at the desired temperature.

That brings us to our next point, the temperature modes. Both types of dispensers offer dual or tri-temp settings, namely cold, hot, and room temperature water. These are great for direct consumption or for making hot/cold beverages and snacks such as cup-a-soup, and instant noodles, etc.


So, there you have it, folks! Everything you need to know about the different water coolers available for the taking. Hopefully, one or the other has spoken to you, or perhaps even both, which bodes well for you because you have all the more options!   

How Does a Water Cooler Work?

If you are anything like us and are fascinated by the inner workings of your water cooler, then you have come to the right place. Usually, we wouldn’t be sentimental about a water cooler, but let’s face it, they make our lives so much easier.

What with having cold and hot water right at our fingertips at all times, and allowing to make all sorts of hot/cold beverages and snacks, it is only fair that we take out some time to get to know our coolers a little bit better.

These little tidbits of information will come in handy for some general upkeep and maintenance.

How does a bottled water dispenser work?

Of the two main types of water coolers, bottled water dispensers are arguably more popular, being the classic choice. Some of the best water coolers available in the market as of now are also bottled water dispensers.

So, how do they function correctly? Before we start, here’s a disclaimer, things might get a little technical up in here but bear with us because it’s equally as impressive!

Let’s take the top-loading water dispenser for reference. You typically invert the water bottle upside down on the dispenser. When you do that, the seal of the bottle is punctured by a spike in the dispenser-it can sit atop the dispenser.

This allows the water to flow into the dispenser. On the inside, there is a valve present that keeps the water from flooding all over the cooler. From there, it is directed towards a reservoir where it is left to cool using a refrigerant.

This refrigerant is referred to as a ‘cooling medium’, and is circulated throughout the pipes of the coolers and surrounds the reservoir in particular. As the coolant flows through the pipes, it changes state from liquid to a gas to make the water even colder.

In doing so, the refrigerant is actually absorbing heat from the bottled water to make it colder. The heat is typically expelled out of the back. Once you have used up all the water in the reservoir, it gets filled up once more, and the process takes place all over again.

Well, who knew that your water cooler has so much going on the inside, but now you know. So, if anything were to go wrong, we’re sure you could get to the root of the problem soon enough, and we’ll consider that a job well done!


If you are in the market for a good water cooler, then you definitely have a tough decision to make here because all ten of these water coolers could easily be your perfect fit.

However, we’re positive that the right one will speak to you right off the bat, so best of luck, folks! Feel free to contact us for any further queries that you may have!

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