Best Portable Ice Makers of 2022 for RV and Camping

Having an ice maker at home is a necessity if you like to keep yourself hydrated with different drinks or you simply like chewing on ice. The portable ice maker would come with intelligent features, sturdy design, and easy portability.

We have put together a list of 10 best portable ice makers that will allow you to make ice fast, anywhere.


Vremi Portable Ice Maker
Time Per Batch: 10 mins
Per Day Cap: 26 lbs
Indicators: Yes
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Northair Ice maker
Time Per Batch:
6 mins
Per Day Cap: 26 lbs
Indicators: Yes
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If you want a quick review of the items of this list, you could simply go through the highlighting features Here is a comparison table for our personal picks from this list. You can see some important features of these machines in tabular form to make the decision-making process much easier.

Image Product Details   Price
Vremi Time per Batch: 10 minutes
Per Day Capability: 26 lbs
Indicators: Yes
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hOmeLabs Time per Batch: 8 minutes
Per Day Capability: 26 lbs
Indicators: Yes
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Costway Time per Batch: 13 minutes
Per Day Capability: 26 lbs
Indicators: Yes
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Northair Ice Time per Batch: 6 minutes
Per Day Capability: 26 lbs
Indicators: Yes
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NewAir Time per Batch: 6 minutes
Per Day Capability: 28 lbs
Indicators: Yes
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Best Portable Ice Maker 2022

1. Vremi

Vremi Portable Ice Maker Stainless Steel

This ice maker has been designed in a way that it would quickly make ice. The capacity of this ice maker is 9 cubes per cycle which is quite sufficient for individual usage. In about 10 minutes, you would have 9 chewy ice cubes. The weight of each ice cube is just 8 grams so it can easily fill through the openings of water bottles.

The machine is not only portable but also quite compact so it does not take a lot of space. You do not need to attach it to a water hookup so it is ideal for taking to outdoor parties or on the road. The manufacturers have instilled a very intelligent design in their products. It comes with warning lights that lit up when there is a risk of an overflow. Also, there is a light to indicate a full basket and a need for water refilling.

Moreover, the machine is very energy-efficient. The water reservoir at the bottom collects water from melted ice and reuses it to make more ice. Along with the machine, you will also get an ice scoop and a basket. Basically, it fulfills all the uses of a portable ice maker.


  • Is energy-efficient
  • Works quietly
  • Comes with warning lights and a water reservoir
  • Is compact


  • Not quick enough to cater for larger groups

2. HOmeLabs

HOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker

If you are looking for an ice maker that would make 1.5 lbs. of ice in just 8 minutes. You can make a total of 26 lbs. in a day. The machine comes with a 2-liter reservoir which is enough for most users. In just 6 to 8 minutes, you can have the ice size of your choice.

You can choose different sizes from small to medium. The resulting ice would be cylindrical in shape so it can fit through the water bottle opening. On the other hand, medium-sized ice is suitable for making drinks.

The machine has a compresses that does not require huge reserves of energy nor does it spike up your electricity bill. It has a very smart design where the water reservoir is present under the top so that the extra water does not go to waste.

It is later used to make new ice, making it the best portable ice maker that keeps ice frozen. The automatic shut off functions comes in handy when the bucket is full.


  • No need for installation
  • Quick in its working
  • Is ETL-Certified
  • Has warning lights and automatic shut-off feature
  • Comes with a basket


  • Ice melts quickly
  • Is loud while working

3. Costway

Costway Ice Maker with High Efficiency

This is also one of the best portable ice makers in the market right now with its size of 9.5*13 inches. It is small enough to be kept on countertops or to be carried around to barbeque parties or outdoor picnics. The ice maker is ideally made for kitchens, offices, garden parties and bars. Another great feature of the ice maker is its efficient working. It has a high-power compressor which is quite environment-friendly and does not eat up a lot of your electric power.

You can get 9 ice cubes in 13 minutes so just make fresh ice as you require. In one day, you can make up to 26.5 pounds of ice which is a distinctive feature of this best portable ice cube maker. Moreover, the machine comes with multiple intelligent functions such as an indicator to tell you that you have to take the cubes out and another to inform you the bucket is full.

The viewing window in this machine is transparent so you can look into the machine and monitor the production of ice. Interestingly, the ice made in this machine does not affect the taste of your drink or hurt your mouth since it is hollow on the inside.


  • Bullet-shaped ice that does not hurt your mouth
  • Has a powerful compressor
  • Is easy to clean
  • Made using food-grade material


  • No place to keep the scoop

4. Northair

Northair Ice maker with 26 lb. Capacity

You do not always have to carry around a black or silver portable ice maker. Northair spoils you with different color choices but that is not the only outstanding thing in their machines. This ice maker can make 26 lbs. of ice daily and 9 cubes in just 6 minutes.

It has an indicator light that warns you in case the basket is full or if more water needs to be added to the reservoir. If you want to view the performance of this machine manually, you can look in through the transparent windows. On top of that, the ice maker is energy-efficient so you will be saving money on the electric bill and also keeping the environment safe.

The ice that you do not use will melt and be reused in the next cycle. The manufacturers give a 2-year warranty for this machine. It has been made with stainless steel which provides ultimate durability.


  • Comes with warranty
  • Has indicator lights as warning signals
  • Available in unique colors
  • Can be monitored through the transparent windows


  • None

5. NewAir

NewAir Portable Ice Maker for Bullet-Shaped Ice

If you are looking for an ice maker in funky colors like red and blue, you can get it from New Air. The company specializes in making ice makers suit your needs. This model has a very convenient design making it easily portable. It can be taken even on boats and in RVs when you are on a road trip.

Moreover, the compressor is quite powerful so you can make up to 28 lbs. of ice in a day. If you have this machine at home, there will be no need to run to the store to buy ice every day. Since it has a hassle-free design, it saves you a lot of trouble. There are no installation steps, no plug-in and no maintenance for this machine. Simply start the machine and let it rest for 15 minutes initially.

After that, you can get a fresh batch in just 6 minutes. So, you do not have to wait for a long time to get the ice ready for your drinks. The indicator lights show you if there is a need for more water or the ice bucket to be emptied.


  • Has indicators for tray emptying and water re-filling
  • Design is very convenient
  • Efficient compressor


  • Ice melts quickly 

6. Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products Digital Automatic Ice Maker

This is a very easy-to-use ice maker that has the best insulation in makes 26 lbs. of ice in a day. If you are someone who likes a good design, you would like the sleekness of this machine for your countertop or garden party. It can fit almost any space due to its compact size and smaller size makes it the best portable ice maker for camping.

There is a control panel from where you can see the level of ice and water. From these settings, you can also decide if you want smaller cubes or bigger ones. To ensure that you have a great experience, there is an overflow protection feature. The manufacturers have followed the UL and CSA standards of safety for making this machine while it is ETL-listed.


  • Has a sleek design
  • Works efficiently
  • Can make different cube sizes
  • Available in two colors


  • Cubes stick to each other

7. Della

Della Portable Ice Maker Stainless Steel

This is another compact ice maker that you can take on your picnic or camping trip. Likewise, if the ice maker in your refrigerator has stopped working, you can simply get this machine and make 26 lbs. of ice on a daily basis. The machine alerts you when the water level is low or ice has been filled to maximum capacity. Since there is a see-through window, you can see what is happening on the inside and check the level of ice. This is great for people who want to see how portable ice maker works.

It has been ETT, UL and CSA-listed so there is no compromise on your safety. Furthermore, the manufacturers have paid a lot of attention to the style. It makes ice cubes in two different sizes and the ice tray can be removed from the machine to transfer the ice easily. Due to its features, it is enlisted in the best portable ice maker amazon.


  • The ice tray is removable
  • Comes with a transparent top for monitoring ice level
  • Is it easy to carry
  • Compact


  • Cubes are very wet and stick together

8. Ice Machine

Ice Machine Portable Ice Maker

This machine has been rated as the top ice maker for countertops by ThinkGizmos and that is why it is quite popular in the market. With its ABS housing and stainless steel build, the machine is quite durable. It is no less in terms of performance either. In one cycle of 6 minutes, it can make a whole batch of ice cubes while you can make 26 lbs. in 24 hours. It is up to you which size of the cube you want from the machine; small, medium or large. If you are looking for the best portable ice maker with a freezer, this highly-reviewed machine is the one.

There is an intuitive control on the front of the machine that you can use for choosing the size. It is very easy to control the machine and to start using it. No installation is required. You just have to put water in and let the machine do the work. The manufacturers give a 12-month warranty on their product. Moreover, you get a free scoop with your order.


  • Can make ice cubes of different sizes
  • Durable design
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Free scoop with the ice maker


  • Makes wet ice that tends to stick together to form clumps

9. Allsees

Allsees Portable Icemaker for Gatherings

Some people just like to party more and this is why they would need an efficient ice maker machine like this one. It can make 9 cubes in just 6 minutes so you can fix yourself a drink in no time. Having a quiet compressor, this machine allows you to save a lot of energy. The best part about this machine is that it does not make a lot of noise while working.

There are two cube sizes to choose from. These cubes will be contained in a bin that can store up to 1.5 lbs. of ice. Since the machine has a smart design, it will shut off when the ice bin is full or when there is no water. This helps in saving electricity and ensures the longevity of the machine.

Even though this machine is made for countertops, it can also be carried around easily. You can keep it indoors, outdoors, in a bar or literally anywhere you want to have a drink. Due to the stainless steel finish, the machine is quite durable and it has been approved for safety.


  • Is energy-efficient
  • Is not noisy
  • Makes a lot of ice in a short time
  • Is compact in size


  • None

10. Edgestar

Edgestar Portable Ice Maker

This portable ice maker is easy to use and comes in three different colors. It can provide the capacity to store 2 pounds of ice and can make up to 28 pounds of ice on a daily basis. Covered in a stainless steel wrap, the machine lasts for years and it allows you to get ice cubes in three sizes.

The water reservoir of this machine is 1 gallon which is more than enough. You do not need to drain it as the water is reused. You will get a batch of ice in just 10 minutes. Even though this machine is made for kitchens or bars, it can also be taken on RVs and for garden parties. The ice stays well-insulated in the machine.


  • Works efficiently
  • Produces 28 pounds of ice every day
  • Is great for taking on a boat or RV


  • Is a bit slow as compared to other ice makers

Best Portable Ice Maker -Buyer’s Guide

Portable ice Maker Buying guide

When you are going to buy an ice maker, you would, of course, want to buy the best portable ice cube maker. How would you decide which machine is the best for you? This can be a little tricky since what is best for you might not be best for everyone. You have to choose a machine based on your own individual needs.


Since you are looking for a portable ice maker, you must go for a smaller size. Even in portable models, there are different sizes. For example, if you are going to take the ice maker on an RV, you can even get a slightly bigger size but the size must be really compact for your camping trip. Also, the size and ease of cleaning should go hand in hand. The best way to clean a portable ice maker is by using lemon juice and vinegar.

Ice-Making Capability

Most ice makers can make up to 26 lbs. per day but there are some that can make up to 28 lbs. Depending on how much ice you need, you can choose the machine for that. Fixing a portable ice maker is the way to go if your machine is not making the amount of ice that it should.


Even the best portable ice maker on the market would not be able to make ice in just a minute or under. You would have to wait a few minutes but you should choose the speed according to where you are going to use the machine. For example, if you are going to use it at a bar or parties, you must get an ice maker that is quicker i.e. 6 minutes per batch. If you are going to use it at home or for a small family, you can even get the ice machines that take 10 to 13 minutes to make a batch.


Of course, the price factor comes into play whenever you are going to buy anything. To get the best portable ice maker 2020¸ you have to spend your money wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Portable ice maker Frequently asked questions

Ice makers have become a necessity in modern households. While using them, people often have questions about them. These are the frequently asked questions about portable ice makers.


Depending on which model of ice maker you have, this will differ. Some ice makers might take as little as 5 minutes to make ice while others would take up to 15 minutes. As the ice maker ages, its ice-making speed will decrease. If you have a newer ice maker but it is not making ice as quickly as it used to, you should consider cleaning it or not using hard water.


No, portable ice makers do not need a water line. You simply have to put water in the machine and the ice-making process will begin.


Even if you have one of the best portable ice makers at home, it will still be affected by the kind of water you are putting in it. Water quality affects the time needed for an ice maker to make ice, the frequency of cleaning and the lifespan of the ice maker.

If you are using hard water, it will lead to mineral build-up in the machine, making it necessary for you to clean it more often. Distilled water might also not be a good choice since the sensors in an ice maker detect minerals in water and distilled water does not have enough of them. So, this would affect the performance of your ice maker.


This is one of the frequently asked questions on most manufacturers’ websites. The storage capacity refers to the amount of ice that can be stored in a machine. This differs based on the company and model of the ice maker.


The production capacity is the maximum ability of your ice maker to produce ice. Most ice makers can make up to 26 lbs. of ice in a day. Keep in mind that portable ice makers have the lesser production capacity and storage capacity as compared to non-portable models.


The best way to clean a portable ice maker is by using a mild cleaning agent such as lemon juice or Vinegar. Do not use dish soap since it can leave residues in the machine that can later clog it up. You should clean the ice maker from its exterior every time you use it. Clean on the interior every few weeks if you use it regularly. If you are using hard water to make ice, you will need to clean the ice maker more often.


No, portable ice makers make bullet ice. This ice is cylindrical in shape. You can also buy a model that produces cube-shaped ice.


No. You cannot use your portable ice maker as an alternative to your freezer because the ice produced by your ice maker would start melting as soon as it is released into the ice bucket. This water would go back into the reservoir of the machine.


Portable ice makers tend to be very energy-efficient but the amount of electricity consumed by each brand and model would be different.


Yes, you can take your portable ice maker outside and use it for outdoor parties or road trips. Being portable, it does not need a water line or a drain line. So, you can take it anywhere.

These are some of the frequently asked questions about portable ice makers. For more queries, get in touch with the manufacturers through their email or contact form.

3 Ways to Clean a Portable Ice Maker

How to clean a portable ice maker

Even if you have the best portable ice maker at home, there is a chance that it might not have the self-cleaning feature. Ice makers that have this feature also need to be cleaned manually sometimes since the machine cannot also reach in places where you can, using a Q tip. Knowing how to clean a portable ice maker would save you a lot of trouble later on when the ice is coming out all dirty and smelly.

Why should you clean your ice maker?

Some people might wonder why there is a need to clean the ice maker since it is not being exposed to anything dirty. You are simply putting in water and ice is coming out. How could this make your ice maker dirty?

The answer is that the water can make your ice maker dirty. Tap water is not entirely clean. No matter where you are taking your water from, there will always be some residues of minerals in the water. These residues accumulate in the ice maker and tend to give off a pungent odor after a while. This is why it is important that you clean the ice maker.

Other than water, dust from the air is also making your ice maker dirty. The dust particles can clog up the ejector blades or ice molds of the machine. If mold is growing in the machine or rusting has begun, it would be difficult for the machine to work to the best of its ability.

When should you clean your ice maker?

This differs from one brand to another. It also depends on which model or kind of ice maker you are using. However, there are some signs that show you that your machine is not doing well and it needs to be clean as soon as possible. You will start noticing certain things like:

  • The ice produced by your machine is smaller in size and appears cloudy
  • Ice melts faster and is softer
  • Ice gives off a certain odor
  • Ice is not clear but has a different color

If any of these things are happening, it is time for you to clean the ice machine. Some machines come with cleaning instructions written on the manual. For others, you have to just use the best possible method.

How to Clean a Portable Ice Maker?

You can clean the ice maker internally and externally. The steps for doing this are pretty simple and you will surely have all the cleaning supplies at home.

The machine can get dirty or dusty from outside as it is exposed to air. If you took it with you on a road trip, you should clean the surface of your portable ice maker since it would have gathered a lot of dust on its way.

  • Take a bowl of warm water and put a drop of mild detergent in it.
  • Soak a sponge or cloth in this water and clean the exterior of your ice maker.
  • Remove the ice basket and use the same solution to clean the inner side.
  • Once dry, put the ice basket back in its place.

You should do this regularly if you take the portable ice maker outside or it is placed on a countertop near the window, where it will gather dust.

Now, let us move on to interior cleaning. This is a bit more delicate but it is very important for the proper working of the machine.

  • Start by taking the ice basket out and then prepare a cleaning solution for the ice maker.
  • Make the solution very mild i.e. add 10 parts water and one part lemon juice.
  • Run the machine two to three times to make some batches of ice. Discard them.
  • Use a cloth to clean the solution off the reservoir.
  • Clean the water line and rinse it.
  • Now, add fresh water and run a few batches.
  • Discard this ice and water from the reservoir.
  • Then, wipe off the residual cleaning solution from the machine and add fresh ice.

Do not use tissues for cleaning the ice maker as remains of tissue paper can clog the machine even more. Always use a dry cloth. Use Q tips to reach the smaller parts on the inside.

In this method, you will follow the same steps as Method 2 but you will use vinegar instead of using lemon juice. You could use dish soap too but we do not suggest it. If you do not clean the ice maker properly, you will have a soapy taste in your ice. Also, the suds from the dish soap could get stuck in the ice maker. This is why lemon juice and vinegar are better options. They clean just as well but do not cause any further damage.

How to know if the Ice Maker is Clean?

At home, you have multiple uses of a portable ice maker. So, you need to ensure that it is clean at all times. You can confirm this by looking at the quality of ice.

  • Ice is crystal-clear, without any cloudiness.
  • There is no aroma.
  • The ice tastes great and does not have any weird taste or color to it.

We hope this guide would have taught you how to clean a portable ice maker. Now, you can get your supplies together and clean your ice-making machine.

How to fix a Portable Ice Maker – Problems & Solutions

Having an ice maker allows you to make drinks even on a road trip or by poolside but what if the machine stops working? Even though you can, you do not always have to rush to a professional immediately after the ice makers have a problem. There are some fixes that you can try at home as they almost always help.

Since different companies are making these machines, it is important that you also have the manual in front of you to locate the parts and understand your ice maker. In this guide, we will teach you some common fixes. You can optimize them according to your own ice maker. If you have a warranty for your machine, read the regulations regarding it. Sometimes, the warranty might be broken if you open the ice maker. So, the better thing to do would be to contact the company simply.

Common Troubleshooting Tips

These are not hardcore troubleshooting tips but sometimes, you forget to do the basic things and the machine might not be working because of that. First of all, check if the power cord is attached to the socket right. It might be too lose and not getting power from the outlet. Also, check if there is enough water in the reservoir and the ice maker is turned on.

If everything is in place but your ice maker is still not working, then there could be some internal problems. Let us take a look at what can possibly be wrong with the machine.

Problem 1: Ice Makers Stops Working

The most common problem people face while using an ice maker is that the machine stops working. This is possibly due to the fact that it was making noise or working slowly in the past but you continued to ignore the smaller problem and now the whole machine has stopped working.

There can be many causes for this such as that there no electric signal coming to the ice maker or the water content is not sufficient. Also, maybe the water is not being transported to the ice molds. Sometimes, the water supply might get clogged and this is causing the problem. If the ice bin is full, the ice maker will not make more ice until you remove that ice.

First of all, check if the power cord is in the outlet and the ice maker is getting an electrical signal. If that is clear, check the water level. Make sure it is optimum so that the machine can start working. There are some models in the market that alert you when the water levels are low. If you buy them, you would not have to bear the nuisance of manually checking water levels every now and then.

If something is stuck in the water tubes, you would have to open up the ice maker and check the reason for the blockage. Sometimes, frozen ice might get stuck in there and clog the tube. Use a hairdryer to melt this ice. This should clear the tubes and allow water to flow to the ice molds. If something else is stuck in the tubes, take it out.

Sometimes, the whole pump might be faulty or may have broken. In this case, you will need to get it repaired from a professional.

Problem 2: Dirty or Smelly Ice

Sometimes, your ice maker might be working but it is making dirty or smelly ice. Of course, you would not want to use it. The reason for this is a dirty filter or a blockage in the supply line. This happens when you forget to clean the ice maker. Due to the contact influx of water, minerals start to build up in the ice molds and water tubes.

The best solution to solve this problem is to clean the ice maker. Read the manual to see where the filter is present in your particular machine. If they are removable filters, take them out and clean them.

  • Put the filter in white vinegar. You can also use lemon juice.
  • This would dissolve the mineral build-up on the filter.
  • If there is any debris or stubborn particles, you can remove them using a toothbrush.
  • Put the filter back after rinsing.

If there is a blockage in the pipe, you should clean that too. Look for signs of any debris in the connector lines or water separator pipe. Use a wet cloth to clean bigger surfaces and a Q tip for hard-to-reach places.

Alternatively, you can run two to three cycles of ice-making in the machine with water mixed with vinegar. This would clean the ice maker and the smell would go away. Sometimes, the problem might not be in the ice maker but in the water. If the water is unclean or smelly, the ice would be the same too.

Problem 3: Ice Not Ejected

When your ice maker is not making ice and you open it up, you might see that there is ice in the machine but none in the ice bin. This means the machine is making ice but not ejecting it. Something could be wrong with the:

  1. The heating coil which separates the ice from ice molds
  2. Ejector blade that ejects the ice out into the ice bin

Using your manual, find your way to the heating coil and ejector blades. Both these mechanisms need an electrical supply of current. Maybe, the wires have come loose or are tangled up. If you can see this, try to fix them. Sometimes, the wire may be broken or the ejector blades might have broken. In that case, take the machine to a pro.

How Portable Ice Maker Works?

HOw portable ice maker works

Have you ever wondered how the portable ice maker at your home works? What is the mechanism behind the formation of ice in such a short time? There was a time when the only known way of making ice was to put water in ice trays and put them in the freezer. This process of making ice would take hours. It has been automated over the years and now we have ice makers that can get the job done in minutes.

Basic Design of an Ice Maker

The basic design of an Ice Maker is pretty similar to that of a refrigerator. When the cycle begins, an electric signal initiates which fills water in the ice mold, present in the Ice Maker. Then, the cooling machinery begins to freeze this water. There is an internal thermostat in the machine which stops the machine when the temperature has reached freezing point.

When cubes have been made, the heating center of the machine activates. You might be wondering why there is a heating center in an ice maker. The job of this coil is to separate the cubes from the ice molds. There are ejector blades in your ice maker and they then eject the cubes into the dispenser. Once a cycle is completed, another will begin until you turn off the ice maker or there is not enough water for another round of ice making.

Steps of Ice Making

Now, we will explain the process in steps. During the whole cycle, there are steps that are repeated continuously. If there is a problem or error in even one of these steps, the cycle will not take place properly.

Sending Water to Water Valve

A water valve is present in your ice maker which is present behind the cooling system. Electrical wires connect this valve to the central circuit and when a signal is received in the form of electric current from the central circuit, the valve will open.

As the valve opens, space is made for water to move in. Water moves in and fills the mold. The ice mold is made of plastic and is mostly a semicircle shape. Some machines can make different sizes of ice cubes and they have different molds in them. This valve remains open for 7 seconds only.


Once water is in the mold, the cooling mechanism can begin now. The thermostat of the ice maker detects the temperature changes. First of all, it allows the temperature to reach the freezing point quickly so that the water in ice molds can freeze in just minutes. The temperature will go down to -13 degrees Celsius at which ice is formed.


When the thermostat detects that the optimum temperature has been reached, it closes the switch to halt current flow in the circuit. As a result of that, the current flow starts flowing to the heating coil, instead. The heat from this coil loosens up the ice cubes from their molds.


The current then flows to the motor of the machine. Rotation of gears in the machine initiates the working of ejector blades. These blades push out the ice from the machine into the dispenser. The cubes will come out together as they will be connected to each other. There are notches present in the ice molds so the ice cubes are released as a single unit.

Commercial Ice Makers

The portable ice maker you are using at home is not as advanced as the ones that are used in the commercial sector but the mechanism of action is pretty much the same. Your portable ice maker can make 8 to 9 cubes in one cycle while the commercial ice makers make tonnes of ice. This is because they have bigger ice molds, more powerful motors and larger ejector blades. The basic cooling and heating technology is almost similar.

Understanding Problems in Working of an Ice Maker

When you know the working mechanism of an ice maker, you will be able to understand what problems could possibly arise. It is possible that the thermostat of your ice maker is not working properly or the ejector blades are not moving with enough pressure to eject out the ice.

Similarly, the tubes could be clogged as a result of which water does not fill in the ice molds. When you understand the working, troubleshooting becomes easier. However, do not mess with the machine at home if you do not have expertise in dealing with machinery.

Get it fixed from an expert otherwise you might end up making the damage bigger. Now that you understand how an ice maker works, you will be able to appreciate this amazing technology that lets you enjoy parties, road trips and just a chill, lazy evening on the couch.

7 Uses of Portable Icemaker

Uses of Portable ice maker

Are you tired of filling up ice trays in your freezer? Do you throw a lot of parties or go on road trips often? If so, then you definitely need a portable ice maker. Only when you have it do you realize how much you needed it in your life. There are many uses of portable ice makers, at home and outside too. Since they are portable, their usability increases.

Alternative to Freezer

The main use of ice makers is an alternative for a freezer. If you do not have a freezer at home and you want a cheaper alternative to that, you can just buy an ice maker and it will do the job for you. Even people who do have freezers at home often use ice makers because they are much easier to work with.

Your freezer would have ice trays that you have to fill every day. Not only is this a responsibility but also a nuisance because you always end up making the floor wet while bringing the tray from the sink to the freezer. To avoid all this hassle, simply invest in an ice maker and make ice only when you need it. The space that ice trays were taking up in your freezer can be used for storing something else now.

House Parties

If you are someone who has a huge social circle or you just like having people over, you can surely use an ice maker at home. People come to parties to relax and no one would enjoy warm drinks. To save the disappointment, perch an ice machine on the counter so that it can make ice for anyone who wants to have a nice, relaxing drink.

It is also great for poolside parties. The handiest feature of portable ice makers is that they do not need a power outlet. So, you can keep one by your poolside for everyone to have refreshing drinks after a swim.

Road Trips

No road trip is complete without someone getting drunk and telling embarrassing stories, is it? A portable ice maker allows you to enjoy cold drinks even when you are on the go. You would not have to stop at every convenience store to get more ice as your ice maker will be with you in the car. Portable models are quite small so you can just keep one in the trunk or the back seat.

Camping Trips

When you are packing for a romantic camping trip or one with the family and you have filled the car with your camping gear, do yourself a favor and take the ice maker with you too. Sometimes, it gets really hot when you are camping out in the open.

Even if you go during pleasant weather, you would want to enjoy the weather with a nice, refreshing drink. A portable ice maker will make this possible for you, even when you have your makeshift bed set up in the wilderness.

Office Use

Working for long hours every day is not a fun task but you can make it slightly lessen stress by having a drink in your break or while working on an assignment. Most offices do have ice makers in the kitchen area for making iced tea, cold coffee or just for drinking juice.

An ice maker is really beneficial if you live in a hotter climate and summer lasts for about seven months of the year. When you feel like you might doze off or you are running low on energy, just start the ice-making machine and pour yourself a drink.

Outdoor Barbeque Area

Some families like to get together and have dinner parties where they barbeque and catch up on what is happening in everyone’s lives. If everyone normally gathers at your house, you can get an ice maker so that there is ample ice when you have company.

 Your freezer might make sufficient ice for your personal use but you have ten more people in the house, it would be hard to satisfy everyone. An ice maker allows you to host larger groups without much difficulty.

Extra Ice

If you have a larger family and your freezer does not make enough ice for the day or it is just slow in its working, an ice maker can help compensate for this loss of ice. This is especially helpful when it is the summer season and everyone wants something cold to drink as soon as they enter through the front door. Using a portable ice maker, you can make extra ice and freeze it for times when the freezer is not cooperating with your current ice needs.

These are just a few uses for ice makers. You can also take them on RVs or just keep one in your private study where you go for working. The bottom line is that an ice maker is a wise choice, never a disappointing one.

Most of the time, it is a minor issue that is causing the problem. You can fix these at home. However, if the problem is bigger, make use of the warranty. If your warranty has expired, get help from a professional. Trying to fix a machine when the damage is out of your control could make things worse.


Hopefully, this guide would help you find the best portable ice maker for the money. If you find the best ice maker for your needs, you will be able to use it for years. Once you have found the right ice maker using the Portable ice maker buyer’s guide, you can go ahead and read the FAQs.

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