Best Olive Oil Dispensers of 2021 for Cooking with Cap

An exquisite cuisine is an art form that must be respected. In all that is included in this field, olive oil is arguably one of the essential components. However, storing and pouring is a little tricky.

If you’re looking for the best olive oil dispenser of 2021, then you’re in the right spot.

The main objective of this segment is to acquaint you with the best models currently available on the market. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Quick Comparison

Image Product Details   Price
Belwares Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set Weight: 1.8 lbs
Capacity: 250/500 ml
Check Price
Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set Weight: 2.5 lbs
Capacity: 500 ml
Check Price
Drip Free Olive Oil Dispenser Weight: 1.1 lbs
Capacity: 550 ml
Check Price
CHEFVANTAGE Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruet Dispenser Set Weight: 1.8 lbs Check Price
Aozita Glass Olive Oil Bottle Weight: 1.1 lbs
Capacity: 500 ml
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Best Olive Oil Dispensers 2021

In this segment, we’ve addressed the products mentioned above. With each brief review, we’ve also added a few pros and cons that you can use to make a better well-rounded decision. 

1. Belwares


  • 2 different bottle size
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Integrated pumps
  • Measuring tops
  • No-spill technology 

The Belwares Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set is our premium recommendation and for the right reasons. 

This model ensures drip-free pouring and gives you absolute control over how much oil you want to pour. In conjunction with its design and capacity features, it’s safe to say that this model has covered the essentials quite well.

Another great feature is the calibration top that gives insight into how much oil is being poured, something that comes in handy from time to time.

Other notable things that stand out are its easy-to-wash design and minimal maintenance. Since this model is dishwasher safe, you won’t have to worry about hours scrubbing to get the stains out. 

There are no downsides to this model, so you won’t have to worry about any type of drawbacks.


  • Comes in a pack of two; different sizes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Gives the reading of how much olive is poured
  • Easy to use and store


  • None 

2. Zeppoli


  • Pack of two bottles
  • BPA free rubber stoppers
  • Excellent capacity
  • Convenient storage 

If you don’t like the first, then the Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set is our premium runner-up recommendation.

Along with the features mentioned above, this model is an excellent choice to go with if you’re looking for something smart, elegant, and classy.

This classic design is convenient for storage and makes oil pouring a hassle-free job. With the ability to easily control portions, the true value of this model is intangible.

Another great thing that you might like is that this model also comes with a stainless steel rack, which makes it easier to decorate the whole setup and present it to your guests.

There are no downsides whatsoever to this model. The only thing we’d recommend is that you keep tabs on its maintenance and cleanup if you want long-lasting performance. 

Other than that, you’re all set for an amazing experience with this model!


  • Easy to store and transport
  • Includes a stainless steel rack for display and decoration
  • Includes a BPA free rubber stopper
  • Multi-functional and smooth refilling 
  • Minimal dripping or spills


  • None

3. Marbrasse


  • Versatility 
  • Quality construction
  • Easy-to-read measurements 

The Drip Free Olive Oil Dispenser is arguably one of the most versatile models out there. Not only can it cater to olive oil, but it can also virtually handle all types of oils out there.

The main feature that set this model a class apart, other than the no-drip technology, is the measurements that it allows. As opposed to other models, this one has big and clear readings you can get off of the sides.

As far as construction is concerned, the Drip Free Olive Oil Dispenser is made from BPA free material, which makes it safe for storage in the long run. 

This elegant installation to your kitchen will serve as a benchmark for beautifying the whole place.

To be frank, there aren’t that many downsides to consider. Make sure that you’re careful with the handling since the exterior is susceptible to scratching and similar damage.

If you’re looking for something to be the ultimate answer to your oil handling needs, then it’s fair to say that the Drip Free Olive Oil Dispenser is it!


  • Big and clear measurements
  • Awfully easy to refill
  • Manufactured from BPA-free material 
  • Drip-free sprout ensures minimal dripping or leakage 
  • Ergonomic handle for easy handling 


  • Susceptible to scratches 



  • Aesthetics 
  • Versatility 
  • Elegant appearance 
  • Clog-free design

The CHEFVANTAGE Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruet Dispenser Set is the best model to consider if you’re looking for something subtle, smart, and elegant. 

This model possesses many features that set it a class apart, such as its appearance and ease of handling. On that end, the clog-free design comes at hand.

Other great things to consider are the non-drip opening, which ensures good directional flow and minimal dripping.

The model is also quite durable, which is primarily due to its steel construction. 

As far as performance is concerned, the CHEFVANTAGE Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruet Dispenser Set covers all bases and leave nothing to worry about.

One main differential, however, is leaking from the bottom. Unless placed perfectly on the seal, the model might leak a little from time to time. Hence, you’ve got to be careful and pay meticulous attention to detail!


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Versatile operation and application
  • Non-drip features ensure clean operation
  • Easy to clean and keep maintenance of 
  • Clog-free design


  • Might leak a little if mishandled 

5. Aozita


  • Stainless aided funnel
  • Drip-free design 
  • Spout stoppers

The Aozita Glass Olive Oil Bottle is arguably one of the best models currently available on the market.

With the expected dark color and the non-drip design, this is a great model to consider if you’re looking for a singular installation to your kitchen set.

The non-drip design ensures that you can easily pour olive oil without any type of leakage or dripping. The spout stopper, meanwhile, ensures that you can easily stop pouring without any drops falling off here or there.

The stainless aided funnel also ensures that refilling the bottle is a straightforward process with minimal intervention.

This will prevent slimy hands and leave you with a full bottle of olive oil.

When it comes to the downside, there isn’t much to keep up with. There are no differentials or secrets that might make you change your mind.

Just make sure that you clean the bottle from time to time for maximal longevity and performance.


  • Dark brown glass efficiently protects olive oil from sunlight
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be easily refilled using the aided funnel
  • Makes it awfully easy to dispense oil with the appropriate amount


  • None 



  • Aesthetics
  • Comes in a set
  • Versatile
  • Steel construction

The Gorgeous Olive Oil And Vinegar Dispenser Set is one of the most famous decorative olive oil dispensers on this list.

There are many features that set this model apart, which include its aesthetics and functionality.

As far as maintenance and cleanup are concerned, you won’t have to worry much about the process. The model is dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup so much easier.

The design is a combination of steel and glass, just in the right proportion to fulfill its aesthetics duty for your kitchen.

Functionality is also retained with the non-drip design, which makes sure that you can safely add olive oil wherever without any type of drip or leak.

There aren’t any major downsides or differentials. The metal edges are a little sharp, so you might need to be a little careful during handling. And keep them away from children!


  • Provides easy drip-free pouring
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance; dishwasher safe
  • Elegant design and aesthetics 
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Versatile 


  • Sharp metal edges
  • Sub-optimal gasket 

7. Vremi


  • Silicon lid
  • Versatility 
  • Easy cleanup/maintenance 
  • Precise measuring labels

The vremi olive oil dispenser is a great model to consider if you’re looking for a design that is optimized for performance and has a futuristic outlook.

When it comes to convenience, this set has got your back with the precise measuring labels on the top, which can help you manage portions.

Additionally, the silicon lid and the drip-free sprout ensure that pouring is made easy, and the job can be done with minimal mess or disturbance. 

Last but not least, this model is also quite versatile and can be used for virtually any type of oil out there. However, make sure that you clean out the bottle thoroughly before making the exchange.

There are, however, a few downsides that you might need to account for.

For starters, the measurements are a little off and aren’t as precise as they should be. Secondly, the oil at the bottom can’t be completely accessed, which means you might have to pour the next batch into the previous ones.

Other than this, the vremi oil dispenser is a pretty good option to consider.


  • Drip-free pouring makes handling portion so much easier 
  • Easy to use and get the hang of
  • Big oil pump for portion control 
  • Versatile operation 


  • Measurements are a little imprecise 
  • Oil at the bottom cannot be accessed 

8. Métier Atelier


  • Easy to fill
  • Food grade material
  • No drip pouring 
  • Dishwasher safe 

The Stainless Steel Olive Oil Can Drizzler Cruet is an old-school model that is both versatile and optimal for all-round use.

As far as versatility is concerned, this model is a solid option if you’re looking for a cooking oil dispenser bottle. This is due to its shape, buildup, capacity, and refilling method, which facilitate frequent use.

The maintenance process is also straightforward. Cleanup is easy; if you don’t want to do it manually, put it into the dishwasher.

Durability and longevity are also ensured due to its buildup and construction. You won’t be bothered with light impacts.

There are no downsides or disadvantages to owning this model. If you choose to go with the Stainless Steel Olive Oil Can Drizzler Cruet, then you’re on the safe side.


  • Offers good conductance for warm liquids 
  • Easy cleanup; dishwasher safe 
  • Steel construction is durable and sturdy 
  • Easy to refill and use 


  • None 



  • Dark exterior 
  • Preserves taste and fragrance 
  • Anti-oxidation and sunlight exposure 

The XYUN Olive Oil Bottle is an old-school classic model that olive oil connoisseurs are definitely familiar with.

This dark exterior glass model is the best choice to consider if you’re planning for long-term storage, and want something that retains fragrance and quality of the oil.

The design and build-up ensure that the material contained inside is free from sunlight and isn’t exposed to any type of harmful chemicals or oxidation.

XYUN Olive Oil Bottle also utilizes a non-drip spout that ensures you can easily pour olive oil without any sort of dripping or waste of oil. This is great if you’re planning to be smarter with your portion size.

The main downside of this model, however, is its stability. The bottom isn’t flat, which is why it rocks a little when placed on a horizontal surface. Hence, you might need to be a little careful.


  • High quality/thick glass in a dark color helps keep the oil fresh
  • Comes with two kinds of pouring spouts
  • Easy and controllable oil pouring 
  • Sealed dust cap and flap cap perfectly protects your olive oil


  • The bottom isn’t flat; susceptible to rocking 

10. ixaer


  • Exquisite design
  • Controlled oil quantity 
  • Non-slip design 
  • Easy to clean

The Olive Dispenser Pot Stainless Steel is a good model to consider if you’re rough with use and feel that you need something strong and sturdy.

Due to its buildup, this model can take a light hit and not lose functionality. This makes it optimal for traveling and can be used for all types of oil.

The non-slip design also ensures that you can grab the pot in one swift motion without any worry of a loose grip. This will prevent any unwanted consequences!

Easy to clean, this model is also great for beginners and people just starting out. it can also be cleaned in the dishwasher!

There are not any significant downsides to this set. However, ensure that you keep up with maintenance and give it the care it deserves. Just because it can take a hit doesn’t mean you can be rowdy and get away with it!


  • Exquisite design complements the kitchen background
  • Non-slip design ensures proper grip
  • Easy to clean; dishwasher safe
  • Versatile operation for all type of oil


  • None  

Olive Oil Dispenser Buyer’s Guide

When setting out to buy the best olive oil dispenser for yourself, there are a few things that need to be accounted for. It’s fair to say that the process can be a little overwhelming, given all the differentials involved. However, that’s why we’re here, right?

In this segment, we’ll go over the bulk of the things that you need to consider and keep in mind when setting out to get the best olive oil dispenser for yourself.

Here are our top picks!


The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the capacity.

Generally speaking, this factor is entirely dependent on you and how often you use olive oil.

Some people go through bottles faster than others. If you happen to be one of the former, then it’s safe to say you buy more olive oil than others, right?

Hence, you need to have a dispenser that offers more storage space. In most cases, a 500ml bottle (17 oz.) will get the job done. If not, you can always look for dispensers that come in sets of two or three.


As far as the material is concerned, olive oil dispensers come in different shapes and forms.

The most common dispensers are manufactured from glass. However, if we’re going into detail, then there are also other subcategories such as colored glass and break-resistant glass.

When choosing the material, it’s a good idea to assess yourself and your habits first. If you’re looking for something to spice up the room or make the overall appearance more elegant, then the standard glass bottle will do.

However, if you feel that you’re a little clumsy or might need to handle the oil in compromising scenarios, then a metal dispenser will also get the job done.

Pour spouts

The pour spout is arguably one of the most important features of every olive oil dispenser.

They control the flow of the oil. Now, it’s up to you if you want a fast or slow drip.

It is also a good idea to get a spout with a cap. This will make sure that no dust settles into the oil.


A seal is what will prevent your dispenser from leaking if it is ever tipped or falls over.

Generally speaking, dripping can occur if the pour spout is full of liquid. Since that is undesirable, a seal is your best bet.

It’s a good idea to get a seal with minuscule pores in them so that there is subtle ventilation that keeps the oil fresh and stops it from going rancid.


One of the many benefits is that their appearance also compliments the setting that they’re in.

If you’re choosing an olive oil dispenser for the aesthetic value as well, then your decision is well justified. Such bottles are designed to look exquisite and magnificent in all their glory.

The only recommendation that we have is that you choose a bottle that has a dark overtone. This is to prevent direct exposure to sunlight, which will slow down oxidation and increase the lifespan of your olive oil.


Another important thing to account for is maintenance. The olive oil dispenser that you choose should be one that is easy to clean.

Most dispensers are dishwasher safe. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful with the process. Always ensure that the model you’re interested in has the logo on their package, which ensures that it is BPA-free and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Additional features

Additional features include steel trays and racks, extra pour spouts, and extra bottles. If you’re planning to make the most out of your shopping journey, then it’s a good idea to look for the complete package.

However, this should never be the basis for settling for lesser than what you deserve. Hence, we highly suggest that you keep this suggestion saved for last.


Keeping the aforementioned features in mind, we’re certain that you’re well-versed in the art of choosing the right olive oil dispenser for yourself. If there is anything more you’d like to add to the list, do mention it in the comment section below!

Types of Olive Oil dispensers

Olive oil dispensers don’t come in many shapes and forms. However, there is still a clear distinction between their respective types, which often serves as a definite differential when it comes to choosing the right type.

The main agenda of this segment is to briefly go over the main types of olive oil dispensers so that you’re better informed on what type might work for you best.

So, let’s get right into them.

Glass dispensers 

The first type to consider, and the most famous one, is glass dispensers.

As the name implies, this type of dispenser is manufactured from glass only. Generally speaking, glass dispensers are the most reliable and well-established type there is. This can be credited to several reasons.

For starters, they add good aesthetic value to the surroundings they are in and can be used for virtually anything. Not only do they give you an insight as to what’s inside, but they are also designed in a manner that ensures that they look just the right amount of exotic.

Glass dispensers are mostly dark in nature, so that sunlight can’t really penetrate through their membrane. This is to keep the olive oil fresh and slow down the process of oxidation.

The main downside, however, of this type is that they are susceptible to cracks. On a slight impact, the exterior might form cracks or scratch marks which can be rather annoying.

Overall, if you’re planning to get an olive oil dispenser for the looks, then this is the best option to go with.

Steel dispensers 

Steel dispensers are the next best option to work with. As the name implies, their main raw material is steel. However, in most cases, there is a little bit of glasswork added to retain the overall exotic look.

Steel dispensers are harder in nature and less susceptible to damage and breaking. If you feel that you’re the type who’s a little clumsy, then steel dispensers are your best bet. 

As opposed to the former, this type cannot compete when it comes to aesthetics. This is due to the lack of reflective properties, which is so characteristic of glass. 

Overall, this is a good model to go with if you’re looking for something functional and strong. 

However, glass dispensers trump all if you want the complete package.

Pouring bottles

Lastly, we have pouring bottles. Pouring bottles aren’t made from any particular standardized raw material, and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

However, the most famous ones are those made of plastic. Overall, we wouldn’t really recommend them since plastic containers often contain BPA, which has been proved to have bad effects on health. Overall, we’d suggest that you stay away from this type and stick to the upper two.

Benefits of Olive Oil dispenser

We all know the immense benefits that olive oil has. In fact, even our ancestors, 2000 years ago, realized that. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise either that olive oil dispensers also have their own set of benefits.

On face value, this isn’t something that is too obvious right off the bat. However, once you’ve followed through with the process, you’ll thank yourself later on.

In this segment, we’ll go over the most important benefits that olive oil dispensers possess. Let’s get started!

Help with portion size

First and foremost, the most important benefit that olive oil dispensers have is that they help control portion size.

In most cases, we’re not generally aware of how much liquid we’re pouring. The usual standard is experience. However, with dispensers, we can get a rough idea of how much we’re pouring, down to 1mL.

This is particularly important if you’re cooking something that requires a particular amount of oil, as opposed to salads that have it as a topping. 

Likewise, a good olive oil dispenser also makes it easy to manage your calories, since the measurement label on the top can give you an indication of how much you’ve poured.

Prevent any waste/dripping 

A good oil dispenser will also help you save olive oil.

This is because the spout is particularly designed to control the flow of liquid. By giving you more command over the rate of flow, you can choose to work at a flow rate you’re comfortable with.

Additionally, the spout also ensures that there is minimal dripping and residual waste when you’re done with pouring. Over time, this saves the user a lot of oil, which can be utilized elsewhere.

A good seal also ensures that if the dispensers are tipped over, no oil flows out unnecessarily. This cannot be said about other bottles that are used for storage purposes.

Easier to store

If you buy olive oil in bulk, then I’m sure you know how hard it can get to store them. Not because their containers are so big, but because storing olive oil is a whole another ballgame.

Olive oil dispensers are built particularly for the task of long-term storage. This is because they check off all the pre-requisites which ensure longevity. 

Another great thing about dispensers is that they’re designed in a way that ensures that they take up minimal space. Hence, they can also be stacked next to each other easily.


Last but not least, aesthetics is also one feature about olive oil dispensers which makes them an interesting purchase. However, this feature might change from person to person and should be considered carefully (insert buyers guide)

A good olive oil dispenser can complement its background and add its fair share of charm into the room. However, the main player here is the color combination and texture. 

You can only claim this benefit if you’re patient enough to work through what design of the dispenser would work best for the setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you intend to make the most out of your olive oil dispenser, it’s best to be aware of all the possibilities when it comes to olive oil. In this case, asking the right questions is of utmost importance.

On that end, we’ve got you covered. Here are the topmost asked questions!

In the absence of a cruet, you can drizzle olive oil in two different ways. The first one requires you to pour the oil out in a bowl, and then use a spoon for specific measurements. If you already have oil in a bottle, then you can use your thumb to control the delivery rate.

Recommended to be stored at room temperatures, you can also store olive oil inside a refrigerator, provided that you utilize a clean and clear jar.

Yes. Olive oil, regardless of the container, needs to be sealed very tightly. This is because it will vaporize pretty quickly, and eventually dry out. This is, of course, undesirable.

Yes, you can. However, this isn’t the same as drinking water, for example. A teaspoon or two is all you’ll need to reap all the benefits that olive oil provides.

If unused and stored properly, olive oil can easily last about two years. However, once the seal is removed, it is highly advised that you use up the oil within a few months. 

Yes, olive oil can be used for purposes other than cooking. This is mostly for grooming purposes and is a technique quite prevalent in South Asia.

Generally speaking, an open bottle of olive oil should be used within a few months. However, it can easily last up to two years, from the date of packing.

Not necessarily. The reason plastic bottles are highly discouraged from being used is due to the presence of BPA, which is a chemical that can seep into your food and make it unhealthy. Dark bottles are the best method for storage!

Yes. This is because access to sunlight will turn the oil rancid in a matter of time, due to which the original quality and essence of olive oil will be lost. Dark bottles are also free of BPA and other harmful chemicals that can accumulate in the oil.

The best way to inspect for rancid olive oil is by keeping tabs on the fragrance of the oil. Normally, olive oil is supposed to smell fresh and nice. If it’s gone bad, then the overall fragrance would be similar to that of crayons or stale peanuts.

Yes. Olive oil can drastically improve the health of the scalp. This is because olive oil contains a plethora of antioxidants that promote the growth of fresh new cells.


A good olive oil dispenser is the main difference between making the most out of your resources and wasting them. If you liked any of the products mentioned above, or have any feedback, let us know in the comment section below! 

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