Bellemain Cheese Slicer Review with Adjustable Thickness

Convenience is the new norm, and in the busy routine of our lives, it is always good to have tools and equipment to help us around. Having effective and useful solutions to little tasks especially in the kitchen can help us save time.

The Bellemain cheese slicer is one such tool that can help you save effort and time when it comes to making a quick breakfast or fixing a quick lunch for your self or your family.

In comparison to a variety of options available in the market, these cheese slices offer better adjustment, which means you can have better control over your grip. Like every craftsmanship, slicing cheese also requires precision and just the right amount to be cut, that is if you want perfection.

What makes for a good cheese slicer?

You need to know what a good cheese slicer has to offer before you hunt for which one to buy. There are just some basic things that need to be considered such as the variation of thickness the slicer can provide or how consistent and even the cuts are.

Flexibility, durability and how easy they are to clean are also some of the factors that need to be considered when buying a good cheese slicer.

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Types of Cheese Slicers

There are numerous types of cheese slicers from handheld to rollers to slicers with a base. You need to decide which one you want based on your requirements.

In this Bellemain cheese slicer review, we will highlight some features as to why it is one of the popular products in the market, and you can decide for yourself if you would like to have it.


The Bellemain adjustable thickness cheese slicer is made from Zinc alloy making it a strong and durable item that will last for a long time. The Zinc alloy coating prevents rust, corrosion and other damages to the slicer.


The handle offers you adjustment levels which help you to get a comfortable grip on the handle for maximum efficiency and convenience.


The weight of the cheese slicer is 7.2 ounces which is considered to be a moderate to heavy weight but is still moderate enough to be managed without too much pressure on the arm. The moderate weight and the comfortable grip lets you perfectly slice the cheese according to your preferred thickness.

Steel Slicer Wire

An effective cheese slicer to get the desired results is always one with stainless steel wire, and that is what the Bellemain cheese slicer proudly offers. A top-quality durable steel wire, which lets you perfectly cut your cheese in thick or thin slices, depending upon your requirement.

For all those cheese lovers who have an extensive consumption of cheese, worry not, the Bellemain slicer comes with an extra wire, just in case.

Adjustable Width

You can adjust the wire of your slices to suit your requirement from thin to thick. You can simply adjust the steel slicer wire to give you a cheese cut up to 1/4 inches thick. The Bellemain thick adjustable slicer can also handle up to 3.5 inches wide slab of cheese.

There are brass knobs on either side of the slicer that can be loosened or tightened to adjust the wire to get the required thickness. Once you have the desired thickness, you can tighten the knobs and use the slicer.

Save Money

There is no need to buy pre-sliced cheese slices in plastic from the market for your burgers or sandwiches when you can get better slices in your own kitchen.

Easy to clean

It is very easy to clean and maintain, is dishwasher safe and you don’t have to worry about it getting rust or the coating peeling off. This product is going to last you for decades without too much hassle.


The Bellemain cheese slicer has a warranty of 1 year where you can request a replacement although as a brand they trust you won’t be needing to use that warranty. This cheese slicer is that good.

Easy to use

The adjustment of the thickness is easily managed by simply twisting and turning the brass knobs on either side of the slicer. After that, all you need to do is place the slices on the slab of cheese and slice away!

Some Commonly Asked Questions

The stainless steel wire for the Bellemain cheese slicer is at least 2 times thicker than the average aluminum one, ensuring a lasting life. However, The Bellemain slicer comes with an extra wire just in case.

Yes, the stainless steel wire guide can be adjusted by turning the knobs on the side to suit your preferred thickness.

No, this cheese slicer is designed to cut cheese into slices and not cubes, the maximum thickness it has is ¼ inches.

The slicer is made of solid Zinc Ally while the wire is pure stainless steel.

Yes, this slicer is safe to use in a dishwasher.

What’s to like

  • The slicer is adjustable providing ease and comfort
  • Rust and corrosion-free Zinc alloy
  • The wire is stainless steel
  • Three levels of thickness
  • It can cut up to 1/4 inches’ thick slice of cheese or as thin as you want
  • Good Value for money
  • Comes with an extra stainless steel wire
  • Long life
  • 1-year warranty

What’s not to like

  • The replacement wires are not easy to find

Technical Information

Dimensions – 6 x 5 x 0.4 inches

Item Weight – 7.2 ounces

Material – Zinc alloy

Extra Cutting Wire – Yes

Warranty – 1 year

Design – Rolling

For every cheese lover, this is a tool that will come in handy for years and years. The fact that it is easy to use provides varying thickness and can pretty much cut any kind of cheese into slices instantly makes it a popular tool to have in your kitchen.

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